10.8 Mountain Lion Support Available

Centrify Suite 2012.3 Mac Edition provides a new capability specific to 10.8:

Gatekeeper Installer Signing

  • Gatekeeper is a new feature in OS X Mountain Lion that helps protect users from downloading and installing malicious software. The Centrify DirectControl installer package is now digitally signed with our Apple issues Developer ID. Gatekeeper verifies that the package is not known malware and has not been tampered with.

Important things to know about upgrading to 10.8:

  • When upgrading from 10.7 to 10.8, you should install the DirectControl package before starting the Mountain Lion update. This release is only compatible with 10.8, so you should update DirectControl as the last step before running the Mountain Lion updater. If you update to the new agent on 10.7, you can’t log in with an AD account until after the Mountain Lion update is complete.
  • The current 5.0.2 agent for 10.7 is incompatible with 10.8. If you update to 10.8 without upgrading DirectControl, users will not be able to login with their AD credentials. You will need to login with your local admin account to update the DirectControl agent.
  • You can update while off-network. The user’s authentication cache is preserved during the upgrade. The user will be able to authenticate while off-line after the 10.8 Mountain Lion update is complete.
  • There is a new Group Policy template for the Windows console that contains the Gatekeeper policy control. To use the Gatekeeper group policy you should update the Windows console to the latest version. There are no changes in the Windows console, just the inclusion of a new group policy template.

You can get the software here : http://www.centrify.com/support/mac-support-center.asp