Updating your Mac Hostname in DNS

As a Mac user you’re probably noticed that your Mac hostname will change whenever you connect to your corporate network. Even though you named your Mac “LancesRetinaBadBoy”, when you open a terminal it says the name is “PC-Backup47”. What’s that all about?  🙁 Here’s the whole story: Whenever the mac joins to the network it gets an IP address from the DHCP server. When the address is assigned to your Mac, the DNS server is supposed to be updated with the name of your machine. The Mac is supposed to update the DNS to associate it’s name with that IP…

Centrify Insight – our Splunk App – Enhanced to Improve Visibility into Risks Associated with User Access and Activity

Centrify Insight was recently updated on splunkbase to version 1.3. As I have previously blogged, Centrify Insight is a free monitoring and reporting tool built on Splunk that helps you identify and analyze authentication, authorization and other events taking place on the UNIX, Linux and Mac systems managed by Centrify Suite or Centrify Suite Express.