Introducing Centrify Mobile Authentication Services: SSO is Dead, Long Live ZSO!

Centrify Leaps Forward as a Platform for Mobile Today’s announcement of Centrify Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) extends Centrify’s mobile solutions in two strategic ways. First, Centrify MAS follows Centrify’s release earlier this year of its cloud service for Mobile Device Management (MDM). With MAS, Centrify is now making available the next major service powered by its cloud service — Active Directory based authentication for rich native mobile applications, making Centrify the only vendor to offer both integrated MDM and MAS. Second, Centrify evolves as a platform vendor for mobile solutions, by enabling developers of cloud and mobile applications to utilize Centrify’s MAS Software Development Kit…

Centrify Rolls out New Release of Mobile Device Management

Last week we released a new version of Centrify for Mobile that provides several new and enhanced features including the Centrify Mobile Manager for iOS app, PKI authentication for Wi-Fi network access on iOS devices, Exchange configuration for Touchdown on Android devices, Group Policy controls for several new Restrictions settings in iOS 6 and other improvements. In this blog post I will provide details on some of these new features.