The Merger of Identity and Mobile Device Management

At Centrify we believe the converging forces of cloud and mobile are beginning to merge the identity and access management (“IAM”) market with the mobile device management (“MDM”) market. Irrespective of whether or not they become a single market or will still be considered distinct markets, the fact is there is a growing intersection between the two, and the winning solutions in identity will be mobile-centric and the emerging winners in MDM will become identity-centric. In this blog post I am going to discuss what’s causing these markets to converge and why I think Centrify is on the forefront of this convergence.

People Oriented IT & Directories

Today’s blog is a guest written blog by Peter Christy, an analyst at the Internet Research Group. Peter was kind enough to let us share with readers of the Centrify blog some of his thoughts regarding the shift to “people oriented IT” (also referred by some as “people-centric IT”) and how Centrify’s unified identity services across data center, cloud and mobile capabilities dovetails with this shift.

Data Center, Mobile, Cloud: All Roads Lead through Identity

On Dec. 18 I am participating in a webinar with Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Managing Research Director Scott Crawford entitled “Data Center, Mobile, Cloud: All Roads Lead through Identity,” on the central role of identity in unifying a strategy that yields consistent control over each of these domains. If you register, EMA will also provide you two of their analyst research reports on Security, which represents a $1590 value.

As Enterprises Adopt Cloud, Spotlight on Identity Shines

Today Centrify announced a new cloud-based offering that lets organizations centrally secure and control access to their increasing deployments of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) apps and other cloud services, while also giving end users much needed single sign-on to address the password sprawl associated with these new technologies. Instead of going into the details of this announcement, I wanted to use this blog post to provide some thoughts on the challenges enterprises are facing as they embrace both cloud and mobile vis a vis identity.