Hello: Centrify Suite 2013

Centrify Suite 2013 builds on the core enhancements Centrify introduced in Suite 2012 by extending DirectAuthorize to Windows, providing tighter integration between DirectAudit and DirectAuthorize, making migration from legacy “sudo” environments to DirectAuthorize fast and simple as well as adding many newly supported operating systems. All this makes Centrify Suite 2013 the industry’s easiest and most scalable solution for unified identity and privilege management and detailed user auditing across UNIX, Linux and now Windows systems.

Going Beyond SaaS Single Sign-on (SSO)

Recently there’s been some good buzz around “Cloud Identity” given recent high profile VC investments and Salesforce getting into the market with the announcement of Salesforce Identity. Whether you call it “Cloud Identity” or “Identity and Access Management for the Cloud” and/or whether you are touting the idea that “Identity is the new Perimeter,” the concept being implemented by vendors in this space is basically the same. In this blog post I want to talk about where I see existing “Cloud Identity” solutions falling short and how Centrify goes beyond their approaches.