Samsung & Centrify strike OEM alliance: Big day at MWC, Giant leap for Enterprise Mobility!

Hola from Mobile World Congress Barcelona! Yes, it has been a while since my last post, but hopefully my excuse is a good one – we have been busy “technovating” with one of the largest mobile device vendors over the last two quarters! Today I am thrilled to unveil ourOEM partnership with Samsung that enables new innovative features in mobile security and cloud identity on their next generation mobile enterprise solution — Samsung KNOX.  Through this blog post, I will cover two topics – the first is take a step back and reflect on the genesis of the Samsung and Centrify alliance;…

Least Privilege and Compliance

As mentioned in a prior blog post on “Implementing Windows Privilege Management” I wanted to drill down in another blog post how the concept of least privilege has found its way in various compliance and regulatory requirements we see out there. So in this blog post I will cover this topic, and luckily Centrify has a nice whitepaper entitled “Windows Least Privilege Management and Beyond” that I can leverage for the specifics on how the concept of least privilege maps to specific compliance requirements.