Migrating from sudo

With our recent release of Centrify Suite 2013, we have extended our privilege management capabilities to also include Windows servers and desktops thereby addressing the issue of restricting and protecting high privilege domain accounts as well as restricting and protecting local accounts with administrative privileges. Another major new feature we just recently added is a fairly comprehensive sudo policy migration tool that I want to call out in this blog post.

“Getting Mobility Right”: Box and Centrify Webinar

Quick heads up that Centrify is doing a joint webinar with Box on March 28th where we are going to discuss the issues, technologies and policies required for next generation management of employee or corporate-owned devices, smartphones, and tablets. This presentation will cover how to approach identity and authentication, enterprise app management, enabling single sign-on to apps, along with policy and architectural considerations for managing mobility projects across a myriad of platforms, use cases and enterprise boundaries.

SaaS Single Sign-on in Action

Recently Centrify announced the general availability of Centrify for Mobile 2013 and Centrify for SaaS 2013, a set of integrated capabilities enabled by the Centrify Cloud Service platform that delivers secure, enterprise-class mobility management with integrated cloud and SaaS Single Sign-on (SSO) to improve security and increase workforce productivity in the enterprise. In this blog post I want to walk you through single sign-on capabilities from an end user perspective.

MWC 2013 Wrap Up: State of Enterprise Mobility

Mobile Device Containerization may be the future of mobile security, surpassing MDM and MAM in overall ability and importance, but the solution landscape for mobile device containers has seen somewhat limited adoption with container vendors unable to cooperate deeply with the underlying mobile device platform.  The Holy Marriage of Containerization and the Mobile Platform At MWC last week, the mobile developer & consumer community welcomed Samsung KNOX as an answer to their long standing desire – for one vendor to step up and deliver it all – the mobile device hardware, platform OS and the container “hypervisor”. This approach not only unburdens…