Enhancing Centrify’s Cloud Identity Management Offering through Partnerships

In my last blog post I talked about the major investments Centrify is making in the form of enhancing the security, reliability and scalability of the Centrify Cloud Service. In this blog post I want to talk about how we are extending our cloud identity aka Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offering through partnerships with some of the industry’s leading cloud providers.

Explaining U.S. Government Smart Cards

Over the last two years, Centrify has continually expanded its smart card support for both Red Hat and Macintosh.  Our on-premise solutions support the reading and authentication with many well known existing and new US Military and Civilian smart cards.  This article helps explain those smart card characteristics and our on-going commitment to to the smart card community. CACNG / Dual Identity / Dual Persona This card is called by many different names, from Dual-Persona [1], CACNG, and Dual-Identity. The card supports an on-going Government strategy to have both a Military (CAC) identity and Civilian (PIV) identity for one person….

Enhancing the Centrify Cloud Service via SOC 2, TrustE and Pods

Centrify has an extensive track record and experience in developing and delivering solutions that are in the critical path of operations in the largest data centers in the world. We have invested a considerable amount of time and resources extending this same trust level to the Centrify Cloud Service so that customers can rest assured that they are receiving a verified, secure, highly available and trustworthy service. In this blog post I want to discuss some of the recent investments we have made to this end.

Centrify Announces Single Sign-On for Dropbox for Business

As Dropbox has quickly become one of the killer apps for storing and sharing content, the inevitable use of this collaboration service in a business context has become increasingly critical – Dropbox recognized this trend and recently announced Dropbox for Business. However, the context for business file sharing demands a higher level of security.

The Momentum Continues

It has been a few weeks since I last blogged and it’s definitely time I get back into it. Since the beginning of February we (a) launched a major upgrade to Centrify Suite for UNIX/Linux/Mac, (b) entered the Windows privilege management market with DirectAuthorize for Windows; (c) are now fully participating (and doing quite well out of the gates) in the cloud identity management market with Centrify for SaaS; and (d) launched a major partnership with Samsung. And the nice thing is that this product and technology momentum is also being replicated in other areas of our business.