Enterprise Identity Where You Want It

In my last blog post I discussed Gartner’s recently published report on market trends for Cloud-based Security Services and how Gartner ranked Cloud-based Identity and Access Management (aka “Cloud IAM” aka “Cloud Identity” aka “Identity-as-a-Service”) as the largest market segment in this year’s $2 billion cloud-based security services market. What struck me in the report is some of the concerns Gartner raised around cloud identity and most of them had to do with concerns regarding where identity is stored. I want to use this blog post to explore that issue in a bit more detail and correlate it to the Centrify approach for storing identity data.

Centrify @Dreamforce – Come visit us at Booth #137- Win a Samsung Galaxy Gear!

@Centrify is @Dreamforce this week as a Salesforce.com Partner and Dreamforce sponsor @ Moscone West – Booth #W137. Come visit our booth and win a Galaxy Gear like this guy below: Bob asked us to withhold his name so no one tries to take this coveted Galaxy Gear.  🙂  The story I want to tell is more exciting to us here @Centrify. The real reason Bob came to the Centrify booth was to learn more about Centrify’s special offer for Salesforce.com Single Sign On.  After hearing about our capabilities in connecting Active Directory identities to SaaS and Mobile Apps as…

Market for Cloud-based Identity Set to Take Off

I was planning in this week’s blog post to talk about the great new features in our recently updated cloud-identity solution but my eye was caught by Gartner’s recently published report on market trends for Cloud-based Security Services that touches upon a lot of stuff we are doing here at Centrify, so thought I would first blog about this report first.

Marketo and Centrify Announce Partnership for Marketo Single Sign-On

Ever forgot your password at a critical business moment and needed to login to your needed application on the go, but were locked out from your app? Don’t ever lose an opportunity because you are human. We all forget things. Centrify allows you to use Marketo without having to remember a password. Login once to your device with your Active Directory username and password and use all your apps without having to remember dozens of passwords any more!

“Internet of Things” Signals Eventual Merger of Cloud and Mobile Management

I think most of us have heard the expression “Internet of Things” (IoT). To me that expression represents a world of an increasing number of smart devices (i.e. “Things”) talking to an increasing number of cloud-based (i.e. “Internet”) resources and services, and in the middle of this interconnected world are users who are leveraging some of these devices to interact with some of these services.

Centrify & Alfresco Partner for Secure Mobile Collaboration- Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On

Centrify & Alfresco Partnership enables Mobile Enterprise Collaboration with Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On Enforcing role based Active Directory access to content stored in Alfresco either on premise or in the cloud can be a challenge. As we have learned, users should never have access to more information on more devices than is necessary to do their jobs. Centrify and Alfresco have a partnership that delivers this solution with no changes to existing infrastructure- Centrify for Alfresco Single Sign-On Every day, leading companies and governments in 180 countries around the world are using Alfresco to streamline document-intensive business processes and enable secure…

A Root by Any Other Name

In this article, I wrote about a method for managing Local Administrator accounts using Active Directory security groups. There is one problem with this method, of course, and it’s a whopper. Regardless of how efficiently you manage Local Administrator group membership, every time to add a Local Administrator to your environment, you’re granting the equivalent of a UNIX root account.

Samsung KNOX and Mobile “Zero Sign-On”

In my last blog post I discussed what Samsung KNOX is and the release of our Centrify for Samsung KNOX solution that delivers “Zero Sign-On” to web and rich Mobile applications within KNOX as well as provides Active Directory-based container and device management. In this blog post I want to provide a bit more color commentary on what the “Zero Sign-On” (ZSO) capabilities that Centrify provides that comes standard with KNOX.