The College Basketball-ization of the Enterprise IT Landscape

As I listened to Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella give his first press conference and talk about how Microsoft is going to deliver new solutions that lie at the “intersection of cloud and mobile computing” — think Office for iPad — it got me thinking how heterogeneous today’s IT infrastructure has really become and just how fragmented the IT vendor landscape is today. Case in point was that Microsoft would use its new CEO’s very first press conference to primarily demonstrate new Microsoft products on Apple’s underlying platform.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite – Welcome to the Party!

Today Microsoft announced its new solutions including Office for iPad that lie at the “intersection of cloud and mobile computing.” Overall, I think today’s announcement does a nice job of setting the tone that Microsoft intends to be a major cloud and mobile vendor no matter what the underlying operating system is, and shows its willingness to embrace platforms that are not tied to the Microsoft moniker.

“Mister IT, Tear Down This Wall!”

Did I really just reference Reagan’s most famous speech as my blog title?  You bet I did, and I’m not going to stop with the title.  As the Cold War was coming to an end, Reagan stood at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin and urged Mr. Gorbachev to show that he really sought peace and prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.  Everyone remembers (either from seeing it live or learning about it in school) his famous plea “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down this Wall!”  What we might not remember were the profound words he used leading up to that:…

Class-leading SaaS Management

In my last blog post, I wrote about how, at a minimum, when you bring together SaaS management and mobile management, you’ve got a great value proposition, and you’ve got an unparalleled set of synergistic features.  The focus of this blog post is how this great value proposition and synergistic feature set help solve the challenges related to SaaS management, including single sign on, as well as the challenges related to mobile device management. All your apps Centrify provides turnkey support for 2500+ SaaS, mobile and on-premises applications, or the ability to add your own with Infinite Apps.  Centrify’s SaaS single sign on solution is…

Centrify for Mac 2014 – Continuous improvement in centralized management for Macs in Business

Centrify is 10 years old this month (You can read about our history and company milestones along the way I was thinking that it wasn’t that long ago when we first heard from customers who needed to integrate Macs into their business, which drove us to deliver our first Active Directory integration for the Mac running OS X 10.4 Tiger back in 2005 ( This was way before Macs were even using Intel processors. Remember the Power PC processor? Our first Mac customers were trying to find a way to support the few executives who brought in Macs and wanted…

Centrify Partners with Rally Software for Single Sign-On to Rally Software Across Cloud and Mobile

Is managing multinational distributed teams doing software development hard? Of course it is, but Rally Software and Centrify have partnered to allow you to work on big projects on your devices of choice anywhere, anytime, but without passwords! Rally allows you to align strategy and development so that releases deliver the most valuable features in your roadmap and Centrify lets you get one click “Zero Sign On” access to Rally on your favorite devices like PC/Mac/Samsung Galaxy/Iphone/Android.

Thoughts on 10 Years of Centrify

As Centrify approaches its ten year anniversary it’s interesting to look at what things have changed in those years. The big shift of course is from (what is now called) on-prem to cloud. That change also led to repurposing of some things. SAML was originally intended as a way of enabling several sets of users to access a single resource. For example two businesses needing to co-operate on a joint project, universities wanting to enable secure access to shared web sites, etc. (aka federation). SAML now mainly used for SAAS applications. These are not federated in the normal sense – they are…

Identity Where You Want It … And Now Policy Too

Back in November I blogged about “Enterprise Identity Where You Want It”, which discussed how Centrify had enhanced its Cloud Service to allow customers to store identity data in the cloud or on-premise in Active Directory or a combo of both. The point was while customers really want centralized identity management for the cloud and mobile resources that they are deploying, they also wanted flexibility regarding where they could store their identity data (cloud, on-premise and/or in both places). Fast forward a few months, and I am now pleased to announce we are extending this innovative and flexible “hybrid” approach that we have with identity to policy as well with our recent update to the Centrify Cloud Service. Let me explain what we are delivering in this blog post vis a vis Centrify delivering a fully cloud-based policy solution.

Introducing Centrify Server Suite 2014

I am still digging out from the RSA Conference, so have been remiss in blogging that during RSA we announced a major upgrade to our flagship Centrify Server Suite — Centrify Server Suite 2014. New functionality in this release protects heterogeneous servers and applications in the datacenter and cloud from identity-related insider risks and outsider attacks, as well as makes security and regulatory compliance repeatable and sustainable for organizations. In this blog post I want to walk you through some of the major new features at a high-level and drilldown on a few features in detail.