Solving account lockout by eliminating use of passwords by using PKI certificates

Have you ever been forced to change your password on your laptop only to find that you got your AD account locked about an hour later? If your company is like mine, we require our login passwords to be changed every 90 days, and what a pain that is just because we don’t allow reusing passwords, they have to be complex with mixed case and both alpha and numeric characters and at least 8 characters long, yes it could be more complex

Centrify and Concur Partner to Enable “The Perfect Trip”

This week Centrify announced a partnership with Concur enabling secure single sign-on (SSO) for Concur users and an integrated identity and mobile management infrastructure for IT organizations running Concur and other SaaS applications. Centrify does not announce partnerships with every SaaS vendor with whom we integrate – our solution integrates with thousands of SaaS apps – so let’s cover the two reasons why this partnership is important and unique.

Is Mobile Device Management on the verge of death?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are a popular way for IT organizations to secure the smart phones and tablets that their employees bring to work and want to use to access business applications and data. However the traditional MDM solution may not survive given the growing concern over user privacy as well as the coarse grained and sometimes inadequate controls they have over the device. At the same time, mobile device operating systems are evolving to provide much better security to enable better privacy controls for the user and to ensure that data stored on the device is properly protected….

Centrify Privilege Management Highlighted by Forrester

Happy to note that Centrify is a vendor with one of “a handful of mature products” for application privilege management in the new Forrester report Prepare For The Post-AV Era Part 1: Five Alternatives To Endpoint Antivirus by Chris Sherman, published on June 9. This provocative report explains why security and risk professionals (S&R) aren’t satisfied with traditional endpoint anti-virus technology.  Adoption of A-V is actually declining in favor of other technologies better suited for endpoint threat protection. “Forrester has spoken with a number of S&R pros who plan to reduce their reliance on third-party AV. Usually, they do this through adoption…

How Office 365 is Bringing Back Microsoft’s Mojo

Microsoft received ample criticism for its “Lost Decade” spanning 2000-2010 when it ceded leadership in search to Google, in consumer devices to Apple and in web services to Amazon – all while its stock price remained flat. While the company had some bright spots – it tripled revenue to $65B and doubled net income to $19B – it’s undeniable that huge opportunities were missed. Fast forward to recent developments. In the past 9 months Microsoft’s stock is up 30% – more than the S&P 500, Google and Amazon. New CEO Satya Nadella and his focus on making Microsoft a mobile…

Comparing Identity and Access Management as a Service (“IDaaS”) Solutions

The bottom line is that after only recently entering the cloud identity market, Centrify is already considered one of its top vendors, with strong differentiating capabilities as I detailed above. And the cool thing is we are not just a one-trick pony, and are already a leader in other areas of identity, such as Privileged Identity Management. But we are not resting on our laurels – expect us to further innovate in the cloud identity market. Should be fun to see how this market evolves and grows! If you are looking for “IDaaS” aka “Cloud Identity” aka “Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service” solutions, we hope you short-list Centrify.

Ideal solution for SSO across native mobile applications

SSO means ability to log into an application (SaaS or native mobile application) every time using one single/federated identity. This identity can either be your Social Identity i.e., Facebook/Twitter/Google or Enterprise Identity (often Active Directory ID). With this approach, end users are relieved of having to remember complex password for each app, or worse, use easily-remembered weak or common passwords. It also increases both user productivity and corporate application security.