Adallom and Centrify Partner to Provide a Complete SaaS Security Solution

Today Centrify and Adallom are jointly announcing our new partnership on our respective blogs. I also have provided my perspective which can be found on Adallom’s blog In turn, I am pleased to introduce and welcome Tal Klein, Adallom’s Vice President of Strategy and Marketing as a guest blogger to the Centrify Blog, who offers his perspective on the new partnership here on the Centrify blog. Tal: Most of us now use many SaaS applications in our daily lives, accessing these fantastically flexible apps from our mobile devices and laptops. It is mostly accepted that this is the way we…

In Cloud Identity, User Experience and Developers Are Now Taking Center Stage

Last week I attended the Cloud Identity Summit in Monterey, Calif., where Centrify was a Gold Sponsor. Congrats to the team at Ping Identity for hosting a balanced and vendor neutral conference. I’ve not been to an Identity conference for more than four years, and this reminded me of the great Burton Catalyst conferences that provided great insight into the world of Identity.

Comparing Active Directory DirSync and User Provisioning Options for Office 365

DirSync is notorious for requiring AD remediation and often doesn’t fit the bill and requires a full blown and custom implementation of Forefront Identity Manager. Centrify has recently announced availability of user lifecycle management and provisioning across cloud and mobile including for Office 365. In this and subsequent blog posts I will examine the major challenges with DirSync and how Centrify can greatly enhance the deployability and manageability of Office 365.

Microsoft and Centrify Continue To Create Success with Office365 Deployments

Microsoft last week made some significant announcements at WPC 2014 around its Office365 product line that make it appealing to many more organizations. Over the last few months, Centrify has delivered several key enhancements to Centrify for Office365 – an IDaaS solution that has been adopted by many Office365 customers & partners, and is gaining rapid traction. Given its strong momentum with Office365 solutions and a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Centrify has been invited to participate and showcase its products today and Friday at MGX – Microsoft Global Exchange, the annual conference for Microsoft sales employees. Visit us at booth # 226 if…

Samsung continues to invest in KNOX and partners with Google to contribute key KNOX technologies to make Android more secure for everyone

Recently there has been some significant news from Google and Samsung related to Android security. So let me use my first blog as part of the Centrify team to share some perspectives on this announcement and my opinions on where the mobile security market is heading. Before I continue, you may be asking – Why Centrify? What role do they play in this space? Why does Centrify care about Android and security? Good questions!

Centrify and AquaConnect Partner to provide USC with a complete solution for anytime, anywhere access to Mac applications

We are very happy to announce our partnership with AquaConnect and our early success with a joint customer win at the University of Southern California. It’s a great story for USC, AquaConnect, and Centrify thanks to the power of partnership and the trust it often requires. Every now and then we get lucky in Business Development. Normally, BD folks are out targeting new partners and seeking new opportunities to win business for their companies. This usually involves a lot of hard work to build a solution, bring it to market, market the solution, and then work with field and channel teams to win a joint customer(s). In this case, it worked in the opposite way where we first heard of AquaConnect after we had received a PO from USC!!

Big Centrify Momentum in the Cloud Identity Market

Centrify finished our fiscal year on June 30th and I wanted to use this blog to highlight for our customers and partners some of the main accomplishments that Centrify has had over the last 12 months. From a financial perspective, we had record sales quarters throughout the fiscal year and continued along the lines that had us growing sales over 40% last calendar year. We further built our executive management team, moved into new and bigger corporate headquarters, won numerous awards, and raised $42 million in funding.

Globalization Meets Access and Privilege: Can this be a Match Made in Heaven?

While globalization can be traced back many millennia, it wasn’t until the late 19th and early 20th Century that the connectedness of the world’s economies and cultures really began to merge, with large enterprises at the time expanding their businesses overseas. This was all aided by technological advancements such as air travel and the mass production of cars. Fast forward to today, and it would be impossible to deny that globalization isn’t continuing to expand. The Internet has facilitated this a thousand times over and has allowed small companies and individuals to build a presence in other countries without the need for significant investment.

What’s the difference between a “privileged user” and a “privileged account”?

In a previous blog post, I asked the question:  “What Does ‘Privileged Identity Management’ Mean When Everyone is a Privileged User?”  Today, I’d like to explore a related topic:  If everyone is, to some degree, a privileged user, how does that change the way we think of managing privilege in the enterprise? Historically, people have equated “privileged users” with “administrators” of systems or applications because these are the people who have the rights to do things that could potentially have serious consequences.  On a Linux system, the “superuser” (usually the “root” account) has unfettered ability to do absolutely anything on…

Centrify and Sencha Space – Secure Enterprise Mobility Made Simple!

BYOD is a fact of life. And that’s a VERY GOOD thing! BYOD makes teams more agile and employees more productive and happier too. A recent survey showed that 78% of employees access work-related files and applications from personal devices and 61% of respondents said they were happier in their jobs and more productive when they could use their self-chosen devices and cloud-based tools. Yet nearly 40% stated that restrictive IT policies affected their efficiency and ability to problem-solve. But balancing convenience with security is no easy task.