The Centrify Server Suite 2014.1 Update has Arrived

The Centrify Server Suite 2014.1 update is available now on the Centrify Customer Download Center! Engineering has been working hard on this release for several months, and we’re pleased to post its availability today. They’ve put in a lot of tweaks and improvements based on customer feedback, and I know some of you will find these to be very welcome enhancements. We added support for new clients, too, including RHEL 7, OLE 7, and Windows Server Core. That last one is something I think it going to be increasingly important for those with Windows Server deployments. Here’s a bit on some of the…

Updates to Centrify Server Suite and our Express for *nix Program

At Centrify we have more than 5000 customers — including nearly half the Fortune 50 — who use our Centrify Server Suite, not only as an “Active Directory Bridge” to UNIX/Linux/Mac but also for privileged access management across Windows and *nix systems, privileged user activity monitoring, as well as for dynamic isolation of cross-platform systems. In fact industry analysts such as Forrester and Gartner say we are one of the top vendors in this high-growth area of identity management from a technology, vision and installed base perspective (e.g. see this Forrester report on Privileged Identity Management). We are continuing to invest heavily in our market-leading Server Suite and are in the midst of a few major projects to integrate our Server Suite with our Centrify Cloud Service — stay tuned for exciting details in the coming months.

Identity Is the Clear Differentiator for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Centrify was the first company to unite Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM). Now we hear rumblings that VMware and Microsoft are pursuing similar strategies. But not all integrations are created equal. First, let’s review what’s happening in the market that is leading to identity becoming a core component of enterprise mobile management. At the macro level, there are three key shifts driving this change in the market: MDM has moved to EMM:  Mobile Device Management is now a commodity, so MDM vendors have had to reinvent themselves to become EMM vendors. Their focus has shifted…

Don’t Let Security Go with Your Staff

At some point or another we have all left a job. If you’re one of the lucky ones, it’s because you found something better. You’ll have farewell drinks, and possibly a good-bye gift or good luck card to see you on your way. If you were one of the unlucky ones, you may have been let go because of innumerable reasons beyond your or your employer’s control, and have left feeling pretty hard done by.

Passwords are the Problem

Hackers are quickly moving beyond stealing credit card data, and instead looking for our usernames and passwords, which are a much bigger route to our money.

What if you only had one key to every lock in your life – house, car, office, kid’s dorm room, etc – then imagine that key unlocked every valuable part of your family’s life, and had your name etched into it forever.

When hackers compromise our usernames and passwords, they have the key to all of our locks. We need to demand a better online security solution…

Centrify Mobile Authentication (MAS) SDK Solution – How It Powers SSO to Native Applications!

In the previous blogs, we have covered the Enterprise Mobile App Challenges as well as What an ideal SSO solution should be across native mobile applications. Today, I will cover how Centrify Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) SDK powers single sign-on (SSO) across native applications on the iOS, Android and Samsung Knox. For starters, Centrify User Suite, SaaS Edition (Centrify SaaS Edition), uniquely integrates single sign-on for SaaS applications with user-centric mobile security management. With Centrify’s cloud-based service, you can quickly provide end-users with single sign-on to cloud-based apps through an easy-to-use web portal. When users enroll their devices in the Centrify Cloud…

Alternatives to DirSync for Office 365 Provisioning, Part 2

In my last blog I talked about how Centrify User Suite provides a superior alternative to Microsoft’s DirSync for Office 365 provisioning. I discussed how DirSync requires additional hardware and software, is complex and difficult to set up, and does not handle license management. In this blog post I will give some additional reasons why Centrify is the best choice for Office 365 identity including support for multiple forests, differing internal and external domains and other flexibility and options for syncing AD changes.