Simple but Strong: Why IdM (done right) is a No-Brainer

Centrify regional sales manager Derek Morwood explains that the 4Chan nude celebrity photo hack is the latest evidence that we need to move past passwords. The nub of the problem with password-based protection is that a memorable password means it is also more easily hackable. Derek says we can get rid of most passwords by using Identity Management (IdM) services such as Centrify’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. The great news is that Centrify and its partner Samsung are now democratizing IdM so it is both accessible and affordable for virtually anyone who goes online.

Centrify for Mac 2014.1 Integrates Cloud-based Management and Expands Smart Card Services

We are happy to introduce Centrify for Mac 2014.1, which builds upon our best-in-class Active Directory integration to provide users with Single Sign-on (SSO) to our catalog of more than 3000 web and SaaS Apps through integration with the Centrify Cloud Service. The integration with the Centrify Cloud Service also provides IT admins with remote management of Macs as well as the user’s mobile devices. This release also provides expanded support for Smart Cards with integrations into other popular applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and the DoD Encryption Wizard. We built Centrify for Mac to empower Corporate IT to manage Macs…

Samsung Partners with Centrify to Democratize Mobile Management (EMM)

Over the last few months, there have been exciting market developments in the enterprise mobility space highlighting two macro trends: #1 The need for mobile device vendors to deliver more than just a device but also a packaged mobile device and app management solution that enables their devices readily for business use and adoption by enterprises (Cases in point:  Apple + IBM partnership and Blackberry “EZ Pass” EMM). #2 The rise of identity to be a clear driver and differentiator for enterprise mobility management vendors. With the convergence of cloud-based Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) and Enterprise Mobile Management (“EMM”)…

Centrify Provides Day 1 Support for iOS 8

Centrify will provide day one support for iOS 8 for customers of its cloud based Identity as a Service and mobility management solution. Anticipation for the release of Apple’s latest mobile OS is very high, and if history is any indication, we expect rapid adoption. Centrify has been diligently working with the beta releases of iOS 8 to ensure a smooth transition for already enrolled devices and an improved on-boarding experience for new enrollments.

Death to Passwords! They Don’t Work, So What’s Next?

We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies. Retinal eye scanners that open secret passageways. Facial recognition systems and handprint scanners to verify that the good guys are who they say they are. In truth, corporate security in the real world is much more mundane. The most common model requires employees to enter a six or eight character password to access a secure environment. For many years, that model was good enough, even though many man hours were spent resetting or unlocking accounts when the password just couldn’t be remembered. Today, the model is broken because passwords, as they exist, have outlived…