Another Breach! Security Controls Shouldn’t be that Hard!

I just read an interesting article in NetworkWorld about a breach at a major financial institution. The article pointed out that breach resulted from a lack of deploying adequate security controls on the corporate servers. The article goes on to state, “Strong access management policies and network segmentation are key to limiting the extent of damage that attackers can do once they gain a foothold inside a network. However … implementing uniform security controls across their vast networks can be difficult because they often have to integrate large numbers of new systems with different levels of security as a result of acquiring other companies.”

Identity Management for Mainframe-Powered Linux (zLinux – Linux on IBM System z Machines)

Although many in the industry (perhaps our younger colleagues) look at mainframes like remnants of a bygone era of computing, it is interesting to note that mainframes are still powering key applications and processes that make businesses run. There is no doubt that sometimes “big iron” is needed to provide efficient compute power delivery and consolidation of resources.

Who is Next? What the Latest High-Profile Security Breaches Should Tell Us About Passwords

We previously posted a blog looking at the recent spate of high-profile hacks, and posed the question, “Are celebrities any worse at choosing their passwords, or are we all as bad as each other?” The question now seems to be “Who’s next?” The recent iCloud hacks proved that we are all at risk of a security breach, whether we are a celebrity, with a large or small organization, or are simply a consumer using an online service or application. In reality, the question should not be “Who’s next?” Instead, our main considerations should be “How do we learn from this?”,…

Trends (and other things) Learned at the Gartner IAM Summit

Last week’s #GartnerIAM Summit was a great event – and has scaled up to 1200 attendees and 37 analysts this year.

I personally took away a couple of key – and inter-related – trends from the multiple sessions I attended. They were:

The “death” of #LeastPrivilege over the next 5-6 years (more on that to come, with some important clarification), and
The growth of “people-centric #IAM”.

Password Managers Under Attack: What’s the Business Impact?

It was only a matter of time before the headlines changed. We’ve been reading “Megacorp Hacked – Millions of Passwords Stolen” for years – and savvy consumers have taken notice. Those folks have moved away from reusing a single username and password across multiple applications and have started using password managers to store unique passwords for each site and app they use, locked up with a single master password. What does this mean for SMBs? It means the bad guys know that our passwords are the route to our money. It means businesses should be keenly aware of the risks associated with…

Compliance to the DHS CDM Program with Centrify

My first years out of college were spent as a Unix administrator, during which time I learned many amusing acronyms, such as sed, NAWK, and PEBCAK. One of my favorites was Yacc, which stands for Yet Another Compiler Compiler. After many years now in IT Security I’ve created my own ‘YAC’:  Yet Another Compliance. It seems there’s a new compliance mandate hiding around every corner, with most offering little in terms of new insights and existing merely to waste time and resources proving the same thing in a different way. But every now and then a promising new compliance program…