Shadow IT – Back Into the Light

“Shadow IT” hints at people doing bad things to deliberately make life difficult for the IT Department, and sounds as if the phrase probably originated in IT. Shadow IT often refers to people in a company using SaaS applications that have not been officially blessed by IT. However, they do so not just to annoy IT, but because they’ve found applications and tools that make their lives easier, allow them to work faster in a way that suits them, and ultimately make the company (and hopefully themselves) more successful. In this blog post I’ll attempt to explain how IDaaS (Identity…

Top 10 IT Productivity Gains with Centrify Privileged Identity Management

Wouldn’t it be nice for a change to deploy an IT security solution that doesn’t sacrifice usability and productivity for security? I’m sure many of you have had the experience of introducing a new security product that, while solving a real security problem, just makes life hell for users. These can create new hurdles, introduce complexity, and generally take a toll on uses’ day-to-day productivity. Maybe you’re a user on the receiving end, not sure why IT has ‘decided’ to make your life hard. Then again maybe you’re the administrator more aware of the security benefits, but nonetheless, you are…

2014: Another Record Year!

We find that many of our customers and partners are vested in us as a key technology provider and we like to hear on occasion how our business is doing. With that in mind, I am pleased to announce that calendar year 2014 was another banner and record year for Centrify across all the key performance indicators we track. For example, the last few quarters of 2014 saw us growing sales more than 40 percent year over year. We also grew the company in terms of people, with the number of employees growing by more than 30 percent — we now number more than 400 people strong.

Innovative New Program for MSPs to Offer Cloud Identity to their Customers

It’s been an exciting year since we launched the CCPN (Centrify Channel Partner Network) in January of 2014. We are now continuing to evolve our partner program based on industry changes and demands. Centrify recently announced a new partner program level within our Channel Partner Network. Our announcement of MSP capabilities to our product has opened up a new area of potential partners in the mid-market space, in addition to satisfying the demand from our current partners that focus on delivering managed services to their customers. As I look back at all we have accomplished in the past year, there are some very specific components that drove and will continue to drive, this success.

Centrify and the SANS Top 20

I know a very successful high school wrestling coach who has this running bit he does all the time at social events, cocktail parties, and random water cooler conversations.  When asked why his teams are consistently good year after year, he always responds with, “I’ve discovered the ancient secret to staying extremely physically fit.” After a bit of egging on, he’ll reluctantly divulge this long lost tidbit of knowledge he stumbled upon while reading some ancient scrolls. “The secret to staying extremely physically fit,” he begins, always followed by an over-the-top dramatic pause, “is to eat right and exercise.” Just…

2014: The Nexus between Identity and Today’s Headline Grabbing Security Breaches

As someone who has been in the enterprise IT industry for 25+ years, it has always been the case where “industry” people (fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, VCs, employees of fellow enterprise tech companies here in Silicon Valley, IT people, etc.) have understood what my company Centrify does vis a vis identity management. They could quickly grasp our special technical sauce and go-to-market strategy. Meanwhile, it was typically the case that “civilians” (i.e. non-IT people, e.g. my relatives in the Midwest) just knew at a high-level that “Tom works in the technology industry.” They could not really understand what Centrify does after hearing me summarize our solution (but I did get some patient smiles J), and our value proposition was certainly not readily apparent.