Top 3 PAM Features that Set Centrify Zero Trust Privilege Apart for Cloud Migrations

Ask any sales person what the most common question they get from prospects is, and the answer will typically be the same: “What makes your company different?” Or maybe, “What makes you better than your competitors?” And while the response from sales people should be the same, it’s amazing how different the answers can be. Those who are on their game will have an answer ready with three strengths or differentiators. The others…well, they won’t. While I’m not a career sales person, I am an evangelist in technical marketing and my role also demands that I have a good answer….

Centrify Mid-Year Data Breach Report: Credential Abuse, a Top Threat of Cyber Attacks

It’s hard to believe that we’re already more than halfway through 2019. Or as I like to put it, I’ve already wasted one month of summer without getting outside enough. Well, one of the reasons why is because here at Centrify we’ve been laser focused on stopping the leading cause of data breaches – privileged access abuse. We recently looked back at the first half of the year and reviewed the top breaches of 2019. It was no surprise to us that the top cyber breaches in the first half of year were related to credential abuse. The breach analysis…