Centrify Announces Active Directory Integration for Huddle Single Sign-On

Over the summer I had a chance to meet the team at Huddle — and what I saw across the board was a relentless focus on enabling organizations to succeed at establishing an effective way to collaborate — with customers wins like NASA, P&G, KIA Motors, and AKQA, Huddle’s success was irrefutable.


After speaking with Huddle co-Founder Andy McLoughlin at their fabulous Huddle SF offices, we quickly realized a great partnership could flourish by combining our SaaS Active Directory Integration with Huddle — the result is Centrify for Huddle Single Sign-On.

Centrify Huddle Partnership

This solution enables our joint customers like NASA and others to get Huddle Single Sign-On and role based access to Huddle across mobile devices and PC/Macs.  By focusing on a mobile first solution we have created something truly special – a way for people to work together securely and effectively regardless of how distributed they are without regard to what device they are using to access Huddle……….wait for it……..and with NO PASSWORDS!

As Andy mentioned today in our press release announcing the Centrify-Huddle Partnership:

“We’re seeing increasing traction in enterprise as organizations turn to Huddle to solve their content collaboration challenges,” said Andy McLoughlin, EVP Strategy, Huddle. “By partnering with Centrify, we’re not only extending our security credentials and further enforcing multi-factor authentication, but making life easier for office workers who are constantly faced with the challenge of remembering numerous usernames and passwords.”

Ultimately what users get with Centrify for Huddle Single Sign-On is the ability to launch Huddle with no passwords on their Mac/PC/ioS/Android device by clicking on the Huddle logo from the MyCentrify Portal which you can see here:

Centrify User Portal

Expect to hear more in the coming months from Huddle and Centrify as we collaborate more closely on sales and marketing initiatives around Enterprise Grade Secure Mobile Collaboration.

Huddle Single Sign-On is available today from Centrify for SAML as well as username/password logins.  Check out Centrify’s Huddle Single Sign-On for yourself and take a test drive today for FREE!

Video of Centrify for Huddle Single Sign-On in action