Adallom and Centrify Partner to Provide a Complete SaaS Security Solution

Today Centrify and Adallom are jointly announcing our new partnership on our respective blogs. I also have provided my perspective which can be found on Adallom’s blog

In turn, I am pleased to introduce and welcome Tal Klein, Adallom’s Vice President of Strategy and Marketing as a guest blogger to the Centrify Blog, who offers his perspective on the new partnership here on the Centrify blog.

talTal: Most of us now use many SaaS applications in our daily lives, accessing these fantastically flexible apps from our mobile devices and laptops. It is mostly accepted that this is the way we will interact with apps for years to come. However in a world increasingly migrating away from corporate devices and networks, we at Adallom founded our company on the idea that IT needed to find a way to monitor user activity inside SaaS applications without installing any agent on the user’s device or relying on any device tethered to the corporate network.

Adallom extends IT visibility and control to SaaS applications through a unique cloud service that is able to monitor activity within a SaaS application. Sounds hard to do, but onboarding Adallom takes less than ten minutes and requires no access to your logs, changes to network configuration, browser agent installation, or service disruption. In 10 minutes you can be on your way to making your SaaS infrastructure exponentially more secure.

An important first step to SaaS onboarding, however, is provisioning. In order to deploy this service effectively to handle mobile devices and access to SaaS applications from laptops/PCs/Macs we needed a programmatic way to handle access control and a straightforward way to redirect data traffic from these devices and apps to the Adallom cloud – all without the user experiencing any degradation in experience. After researching the market we were introduced to Centrify from our mutual investor Index Ventures who suggested we might have some synergy together.
As it turns out, the integration of Centrify’s User Suite cloud service was quick and painless for both teams and we now had the way to quickly deploy Adallom across mobile and SaaS applications. Centrify User Suite allows Adallom customers to get to the apps we are securing for them without entering passwords, and allows Adallom to also cover apps on mobile devices without requiring any change in user behavior. In short, Centrify controls who can access a SaaS application regardless of location or device used, and while combined with Adallom allows full visibility into what users are doing inside the application after Centrify grants access.
Simply stated: This is a complete solution for application security across SaaS and mobile devices that has already won plaudits from customers. We are excited to announce our partnership today.

What’s remarkable about Centrify’s solution for extending enterprise security to cloud applications is the simplicity of onboarding their solution. When I presented the Centrify solution to our team for vetting they were so impressed – we became a customer!

Centrify and Adallom now have a comprehensive partnership around joint selling, marketing, and joint product integration. These efforts have created a complete solution for provisioning, governing, and securing our customers’ enterprise SaaS applications. We are offering free month-long pilots of the joint solution which will include full implementation and support.  These efforts have created a complete solution for provisioning, governing, and securing our customers. To hear more about this partnership from the Centrify perspective please visit our blog on the Adallom site.