Advancing Identity Services Automation in ServiceNow

In April 2015, we announced Centrify’s integration with ServiceNow with support for Single Sign-On, MFA and Provisioning into ServiceNow, thereby providing a seamless, secure experience for users as well as streamlining user lifecycle management for administrators.

Today, we’re excited to announce two new integrations built to advance our journey of “Identity Services Automation” with ServiceNow!

With these integrations, we have enabled automation of identity services and app access. Centrify now leverages workflow processes of ServiceNow and delivers automation for access requests generated by ServiceNow’s platform.

Centrify + ServiceNow


Let us discuss both Centrify Identity Service integrations for ServiceNow.

Centrify Password Reset: 


Over 25% of IT helpdesk calls are related to password reset. Each support call costs several dollars; given these high volumes the overall costs can quickly add up. Making password reset available as self-serve reduces costs dramatically.

Users interface directly with ServiceNow for all IT related tasks. They use Centrify to provide a consistent user experience for access to 3000+ apps whether they’re in the cloud or on-premises.

To provide users consistent IT experience of ServiceNow for their Centrify powered identities, we have built password-reset integration into ServiceNow. This integration lets users use the ServiceNow portal itself to perform password reset in the directory that the user belongs to.

From an IT staff perspective, this integration breaks silos of management. Now an IT administrator can use the same tool, ServiceNow, to receive and process password reset requests in one single place regardless of which directory the user’s identity comes from — Active Directory, Centrify’s Cloud directory or LDAP.

The end-user experience is vastly improved as well. Password reset is a frequent self-service task they perform and eliminating wait times for IT support or help desk calls for this simple task means happy users.

Centrify App Access:

Centrify-app-accessCentrify has an extensive application catalog of over 3000 apps. It provides users with access to apps relevant to their role in the organization. For example, a new marketing consultant Molly did not need to have salesforce access until now. But now, she has started work on a new project in collaboration with sales team and needs limited access to SalesForce. Before this integration, Molly’s request would have been something like this:

  1. Molly goes to ServiceNow, files ticket to access Salesforce app.
  2. The request for the app is now visible to IT and associated with appropriate workflow in ServiceNow. Let’s say in this case workflow requires approval of marketing manager followed by finance and eventually comes back to IT to be fulfilled. Once the workflow operations consisting of approvals and notifications with appropriate entities is accomplished, the original request is now ready to be fulfilled.
  3. IT would now log into Centrify Identity Service admin portal and add Molly to role of salesforce users so that the app is provisioned for her.
  4. Salesforce app now shows up in Molly’s user portal, ready for her use.

The workflow approval may have gone through, but without automation it’s hard for IT to ensure that these requests are fulfilled as soon as they are approved via workflow. Take into account that each app request for one user is a separate ticket that needs to be fulfilled and you appreciate the enormous volume they have to deal with.

With Centrify’s App Access integration, this automation is complete, eliminating the manual task for administrators in step 3. Once workflow is complete, Centrify’s App Access will automatically kick in by calling Centrify APIs to add user to appropriate role and provision to access to the application. Thus in summary the integration:

  • Improves efficiency and security by automating application access requests end-to-end
  • Reduces IT service requests — IT does not “manage” fulfillment of end-user access approvals
  • Delivers a consistent application delivery process, ensuring policy IT compliance and security
  • Prevents unauthorized access: terminate app access from a single directory

The experience for end-user is also consistent if they’re used to using ServiceNow for all their IT tasks. Here’s a sample screenshot of app access workflow seen by end user.


Centrify App Access with ServiceNow enables complete IT services automation using preconfigured policy, federated identity and automated user account provisioning. End users can now request access for particular applications from the catalog from within ServiceNow.

ServiceNow platform is strategic to customers for not only their IT but also their business operations. ServiceNow’s workflow enables organizations to automate services and business processes with consistency and scale.

Centrify also enables “bring your own UI experience for customers using our APIs. For such scenarios, these integrations become even more relevant as now IT can seamlessly integrate with Centrify with minimal impact to end user experience.

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