Android for Work and TrueSSO: We’ve Got ‘Em, Others Don’t!

It’s Halloween time, which means new candy from Google in the form of Android 6, and a few new Nexus devices (this time with fingerprint readers). The mobile team at Centrify has also been hard at work on some really great features — some of which work to manage and secure some of the fancy new capabilities of the new Android devices.

It’s all in the hands

In the November release, we will have full support for the new native fingerprint readers that should become ubiquitous on Android devices over the coming year.  Google is banking on this fingerprint technology being a huge boon to app developers, afp_promptnd have incorporated it into a lot of their new device security features.

Centrify lets IT manage these new security features, so that you can take advantage of the AppLock feature and enforce 2FA on the mobile device with easy, secure fingerprint validation.

Centrify has provided MFA for app, server, and SaaS access for some time now — and now with Android 6 you can:

  • Require fingerprint validation on your device before you can get MFA access to on-prem apps
  • Leverage fingerprint for MFA to cloud apps
  • Require fingerprint MFA before users can check out shared privileged credentials to things like routers and switches

The first, and only TrueSSO

Another feature that we’re proud to release — and that isn’t limited to just Android — is something we are calling TrueSSO.  Centrify was the first to offer integrated mobile management in our SSO offering, the first to support wearables for MFA, and now we’re the first to extend SSO outside of native apps or mobile portals.

What’s all the fuss about?  Well, normally SSO vendors require apps to be launched through a mobile app that serves as a “portal.” That portal is what provides the single sign-on. This way, access and credential info can be packaged up along with the app launch request to ultimately give single sign-on to the app. This has worked well, and has provided a seamless experience that users want, and the security of not having to use/remember usernames and passwords. However, until now, no solution has been able to provide that same secure, simple single sign on when apps were launched from outside the launcher app. Let me give you an example…

Let’s say you get a link in an email from your coworker to something important in SalesForce, or to a document in Box. Better yet — imagine you have an email approval that you need to tap, as part of a NetSuite approval workflow. You click on that link in your email, and what happens? You get prompted for your username and password. What happened to your fancy SSO solution that’s supposed to log you in?

Enter TrueSSO.  Now, accessing your day-to-day SaaS applications from emails, texts, or other places allows single sign-on where ever you are — as long as the device is secured and managed by Centrify.

Now, when you get that approval email, No problem!  With a single tap, you get TrueSSO from that managed device.  No prompting, no login, no hassle! Check out the video to see this in action.

The future of the container: Android for Work

Our continuing momentum and leadership around mobile and identity management brings us to Android for Work. Centrify is proud to be the only IDaaS company that’s partnered with Google to implement and deploy Android for Work to our customers.

Cetrify_AfW1To further help Android get more widely adopted in the enterprise, Android for Work provides a solution that works on any Android Device, regardless of the manufacturer (most OEM’s support AfW with Android 5.11 and higher).

Available now, Centrify’s implementation of Android for Work enables true BYO scenarios that allows the enterprise to fully control business data, while personal data stays in the control of the device owner. It’s a win-win for end-users and enterprise security.  Centrify provides the management that IT needs to deploy a business “container” on the device, that they control. They can push apps to that container, manage the data within it, and generally lock down  the corporate info — but without their hands on the private photos, music, and apps that the employee wants.  No more worry over “complete wipe” leading to lawsuits over lost pictures or other personal data.

Another part of Android for Work is support for corporate owned devices, including kiosk mode scenarios, also known as COSU (Corporate Owned, Single Use).  This lets IT lock down a device to a single-app for fleet or POS type of use cases.

Centrify can fully deploy Android for Work across Android devices, as well as manage applications through the new Google Play for Work enterprise app store.

Want to learn more?  Register here for an online event that goes into more detail about Android for Work, and how to better secure Android devices for the enterprise.

It’s trick or treat time again, and Centrify is happy to fill your candy bags with some excellent treats that go well with Android Marshmallow, and more! Centrify is serious about the intersection of mobility and identity, and we’re proud to introduce more industry firsts like native fingerprint support, TrueSSO, and Android for Work.

Read more about it on our product page.