Apple Watch, Wearable Strategy, and Other 15.5 Mobile Features

I’m happy to announce that our new 15.5 mobile client supports the exciting Apple Watch wearable device. While not new to the wCPS Apple Watchearable scene, Centrify is excited about extending our support for wearables to the Apple Watch to enable quick, easy, and secure MFA for Centrify application access.

Many other companies are using the launch of the Apple Watch to officially declare their support and strategy for wearable devices. Centrify announced our first support for wearables at the beginning of 2015, with our support of Android Wear. With the advent of wearables becoming more mainstream, Centrify is committed to looking into ways customers can use wearables to enhance security or user experience of our solutions. In our very own wearables lab, we’ve learned a lot about what interactions are most beneficial to users and their security, and will continue enhance our product with wearables in mind. WL_rz

As the Apple Watch, and other wearables, are used by more and more of our customers, we will continue to learn about how they want to use this new type of technology. We are looking forward to hearing from our customers about how they want to use wearables with Centrify, and how we can deliver new solutions that support a great experience.

For those of you interested in a more in-depth perspective of our wearable strategy, take a look at this webcast I did with security expert, David Gewirtz.

And 15.5 isn’t just about the Apple Watch.  We’ve also rScreenshot_2015-05-13-13-19-07eleased client lock, which allows an additional lock for the Centrify mobile application, separate from your mobile device. The app can be locked after a specific timeout, or can require unlock for every app-launch. Unlocking can be done with PIN, fingerprint, or NFC (on Android).

For security-focused customers, features like mobile MFA, and app lock can mean new levels of security not available from other vendors.

I’m excited to be delivering these security features for our customers, and look forward to your feedback.