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Andres Flores is a Customer Success Manager at Centrify, and focuses on helping Centrify Identity Services (CIS) customers configure and deploy to their end users. Andres joined Centrify in 2015 after honing his Customer Success and Project Management skills at multiple start-ups which solved problems in various industries. He is most excited about helping shape the global security landscape by informing people about the options they have, to help mitigate the dangers of Cyberthreats that corporations (and people) face every day.

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Mobile Device Management: Your Phone or Mine?

By , June 6, 2017

My phone currently sits in my pocket, and as I write this blog, it vibrates silently — reassuring me that I have not lost it, providing updates from friends and family and reminding me of emails and chats I still need to respond to. Because of the inherent convenience and increased productivity they provide, our phones have become indispensable. It’s no wonder company leadership typically embraces the idea of a mobile-enabled workforce. However, mobile access should be tempered by the current security landscape, where the perimeter has shifted to the cloud. Security teams should take note that even with large investments,…