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Andreas Zindel is a Director of Technical Marketing for Centrify's Identity Service. He's been working in the network security sector for over fifteen years, as System Administrator, Technical Support and Technical Marketing. His primary role is to support the field and marketing team with collateral to elucidate the technical details of Centrify’s products.

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Google Apps: It Scares You, But it Shouldn’t

By , September 3, 2015

Its Monday morning 7am, you are sitting at the breakfast table with your beautiful wife and two children. Life couldn’t get any better than this. Your mortgage interest rate is at 3.5%, you have the college funds for the kids in the bank and both cars are paid off. You think to yourself “I am the luckiest guy in the world”…But all of a sudden you remember that your boss told you he wants to use Google Apps. Your hand starts to shake like you just had a triple espresso on an empty stomach and your stomach kinda feels the…