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Austin is a Systems Engineer at Centrify, but grew up in the pristine Islands of Bermuda and has more than twenty years IT experience in complex enterprise network environments. Austin’s early career began in higher education, then onto sales, training, insurance/re‐insurance, and banking. His diverse experience has given him a 360-degree view that has contributed to his success in consulting with customers and prospective business.

It's All About Identity

Secure Identity Management in Higher Education with Centrify

By , March 17, 2016

All higher education institutions are concerned with the security of student identities, as they should be. Many years ago, in most colleges and universities (and still some today) it was common practice to use a student’s social security number as their ID. Today, many universities and colleges have replaced the social security number with a randomly generated student ID number that links to the student profile. They then worked hard to provide SSO solutions to all of the systems and applications students need access to. Of course this was easier said than done, and in many cases not all of…