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Centrify RSA Booth 6445: Where Zero Trust Privilege Partners Take the Stage

By , March 1, 2019

If there was one clear takeaway from the 2018 RSA Conference, it was that Zero Trust was ready to take off. It seemed like everywhere you turned, Zero Trust was staring you in the face. Oh wait, that was just the Centrify marketing blitz that overtook San Francisco and Moscone Center last April! ZERO TRUST, 10 MONTHS LATER Fast-forward 10 months ahead and here we are, heading back to Moscone for the annual cybersecurity event. And what’s even more clear: Zero Trust has arrived. Many vendors in the industry have jumped on the Zero Trust bandwagon (whether they have a…

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Myth vs Reality: Join as Centrify Debunks 5 Myths of Zero Trust Security

By , January 15, 2019

In 2018, Zero Trust Security gained a lot of popularity, as more organizations recognized the merit of the Zero Trust approach to security. We saw the term go from being a buzzword to an actual security approach that organizations have engaged and started to implement. That’s the good news. The bad news is that when it comes to actually implementing a Zero Trust Security model, many still don’t know where to start. And there are several misconceptions surrounding Zero Trust that further impede adoption. This might explain why, despite the rise in awareness about Zero Trust Security, an incredible 66%…

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Centrify Interns Reflect on a Summer of Zero Trust

By , August 20, 2018

Every summer, Centrify gets an infusion of fresh perspectives and eager learners via our Summer Intern program. This summer, we had 22 interns join us on our mission to secure enterprise Identity and Access Management with Zero Trust Security. Some have already returned to school, while others are extending their internships due to late school start dates or because they’ve already graduated. As part of our own learning process, we created a contest asking them to share some of their highlights about being part of the Centrify Zero Trust team, whether recognizing a particular mentor, noting key learnings they’ll take…

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World Password Day – 5 Facts About Weak Credentials

By , May 3, 2018

Happy World Password Day! Ok, I’ll admit until a few days ago, I wasn’t aware this was a thing. As with most events in my life, if Outlook or Android doesn’t serve me a popup reminder, I’m oblivious to it. But this one commanded my attention, not only because of the never-ending news coverage we see about high-profile breaches, but also because I now know that 4 out of 5 are due to weak, default, stolen, or otherwise compromised credentials. Around this time of year, we tend to see reports that detail the top 25 most common passwords. You’d think…