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Chris Webber is a security wonk, a cloud evangelist, a product guy, and a recovering IT professional. Having spent time at both silicon valley startups and global powerhouses, Chris developed his particular slant on cloud and mobile security at companies like Zscaler, Blue Coat Systems, Good Technology, and Pertino.

Centrify Perspective

Addressing the Top Five App Risks in Business

By , February 1, 2017

It’s a time of conflict There’s a battle within businesses, and the battleground is your applications. Employees – in the name of productivity – are adopting new cloud and mobile applications every day.  IT – in the name of security – is trying keep private data secure against breaches. Both groups often think the other “doesn’t get it.”  Users complain about complex password policies, and security-related “hoops” they have to jump through.  IT complains about endless helpdesk calls for password resets, shadow IT introducing risk, and an inability to secure an ever-changing hybrid environment. But both groups have more common…

Centrify Perspective

Achievement Unlocked! Multi-factor Authentication Everywhere

By , November 22, 2016

I was recently talking to a CISO for a major airline. We had been discussing innovations in security, when he sighed and said that his budget was strong, but employees were overwhelmed by the constant barrage of breach news. This resulted in a user base that was slow to adopt, and didn’t feel a personal sense of agency in many security solutions. We had been discussing some pretty behind-the-scenes solutions, and it was actually his idea that we move to something much more “in your face” for employees. Something that lets them take a proactive part in security. Something that…

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Five Steps to Stay Secure in the Mobile Age

By , October 25, 2016

Least surprising note of the day: I am a huge geek. See my picture up there? Nerd beard. Enough said. My current geek obsession is focused on mobile devices. I just upgraded my fantastic and near-new Google Nexus 6P to a Google Pixel XL. Why? Because NEW PHONE. And Google AI Assistant. But mostly, NEW PHONE. And if you’re wondering, it is indeed a fantastic device, and of course it’s secured by Centrify. I had the new phone shipped to me here at work, so I could “move in” right away. As I compared the new and old devices, and…

Centrify Perspective

Windows 2FA – It’s a Big “Where” In “Everywhere”

By , October 24, 2016

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that here at Centrify, we’re big believers in multi-factor authentication (MFA) and strong supporters of MFA Everywhere. Passwords don’t protect us, our data or our businesses – and we need something better. As an extension of our commitment to eradicate passwords wherever possible, and bolster security with MFA wherever we can, we’ve extended our “MFA Everywhere” initiative with a key new “where” – 2FA for Windows logon. Speed and Security We can hear the cries now: “2FA! Windows Logon! Won’t that slow all my users down?” Not if the second…

Centrify Perspective

Gartner: Centrify Scores Highest for Workforce to SaaS Use Case

By , October 10, 2016

Gartner just released its “Critical Capabilities for Identity and Access Management as a Service” report, and we are proud to see that Centrify has scored the highest in the “Workforce to SaaS” use case. We believe this validates our unique ability to secure access to apps and infrastructure from any device for all users. Please have a look at a complimentary copy of the full report to see for yourself. Gartner defines the “Workforce to SaaS” use case as: …primarily driven by the need to extend basic IAM functions and serve employees accessing SaaS applications. We’re especially proud of this…

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Phast and Phurious: Phishing Exploits in 2016

By , August 9, 2016

We live in a world of constant cyber attacks. Every day I talk to IT security teams, CISOs, CIOs, analysts, reporters and more about the nuances of how to protect against attack and how to try to stay ahead of cyber criminals. These discussions often focus on some pretty advanced attacks, which often have equally advanced solutions to fight them. We spend a lot of time on whiteboards drawing networks and highlighting vulnerabilities and we draw an inordinate amount of proxies and next gen firewalls and plain’ ol (last gen?) firewall. Companies spend a lot of money continuing to bolster…

It's All About Identity

Two-Factor vs. Multi-Factor Authentication

By , June 27, 2016

When I was a kid, I remember arguing with friends about… everything. I’m difficult that way. But in this specific argument, we were arguing about amounts. If I can recall, my seven-year-old stance was this: “A couple” meant two. Period. Always. No matter what. “A few” could mean two, or it could mean more, but it was always less than “a lot.” “A lot” was — well, you know, as many as you can grab. My buddy was sure that “a few” meant three, like “a couple” meant two. We argued, and used examples, and then probably picked up sticks…

Centrify Perspective

Password Reset on World Password Day

By , May 10, 2016

Well, I forgot another holiday. As I get older, it just happens more and more. Good news: It wasn’t my anniversary — though at this rate I’m sure to forget that soon enough. No, this time I forgot all about World Password Day. And you know what? I bet you did too. It’s just something about passwords. We forget them. We forget to reset them in time. We forget the “holidays” associated with them. We need something better, and when we can’t eliminate them, we need a better way to reset them. For ServiceNow customers, that means using something like Centrify…

Centrify Perspective

Connect with us in New York at Centrify Connect

By , May 5, 2016

We’re proud to host our customers at Centrify Connect! We’re driving conversation, and collaboration around Identity and Security in business. And, if that’s not exciting enough, we have some serious heavyweights coming in as well!