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Chris Webber is a security wonk, a cloud evangelist, a product guy, and a recovering IT professional. Having spent time at both silicon valley startups and global powerhouses, Chris developed his particular slant on cloud and mobile security at companies like Zscaler, Blue Coat Systems, Good Technology, and Pertino.

Centrify Perspective

Passwords Are Dead. Why Smart Companies are Benefiting from Multi-Factor Authentication.

By , March 15, 2016

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, President Obama announced the launch of a new national awareness campaign to “encourage more Americans to move beyond passwords — adding an extra layer of security like a fingerprint or codes sent to your cellphone.” The shift from single passwords to multi-factor authentication couldn’t be timelier or more strategic. Fact: passwords alone are no longer effective. This is something both sides of the aisle can agree upon. 2014 went down as “the year of the hack” when a Russian crime ring on its own stole more than 1.2 billion passwords. Since then, password…

It's All About Identity

Every Password Has Been Stolen. Now What?

By , October 29, 2015

It’s time we stop pretending. Oh, I know it’s easier to sleep when we think that we’re safe and sound. We try to use only “trusted” apps and services. We choose who gets to keep our photos, our files, and our tax returns. We see the lock icon that indicates HTTPS, and we think we can buy shoes safely. But each of the services we choose, and labor over, and discuss, and investigate — they are all only as strong as the dumb password we put in front of them. Let’s just assume every password has been compromised. No account…

Centrify Perspective

Tech Apathy, Cybersecurity, and the $2,000 Question

By , September 21, 2015

I remember being about 9 years old, and starting to understand the concept of money. Suddenly things I wanted (typically, video games) equated with dollars, and I realized that I had very few dollars, but wanted lots of games. My buddies and I would daydream about how we could earn the impossible and princely sum of 100 dollars. 100 dollars! We’d be rich! Set for life! If we could just get 100 dollars, we thought we’d never need to ask for anything again. What would we be willing to do? Eat a worm? Totally. Clean the house — no problem….

From the Cloud

Morris Communications Selects Centrify for Office 365 Federation…and Saves Money on Licenses

By , August 19, 2015

Occasionally, customers figure out novel ways of using Centrify products that we might call “out there.” Take Snowy Hydro. It’s a big Australian utility, spread out over a large, rugged wilderness area that made mobile phone communication a real challenge for them — and communication is important inside critical infrastructures. Snowy Hydro initially evaluated Centrify Identity Service to help them manage their Macs. But during the eval, they realized they could use Identity Service’s MDM capabilities to push and manage a home-grown VoIP app to mobile devices, so they could communicate over their own Wi-Fi network, and no longer be out…

From the Cloud

Google’s “BeyondCorp” Initiative is Right on Track

By , August 5, 2015

Google has made big news of late with their “BeyondCorp” initiative — in which they are moving all corporate applications out to the Internet. This is a great case of Google putting their money where their mouth is — after all, if their applications are secure enough for the rest of us, they definitely should be secure enough for Google’s internal use as well! Little and big Google is certainly a giant, and the steps of giants often make the most noise. But in this case they aren’t so different from the smallest, nimblest modern companies. In fact, any small…

Centrify Perspective

Bringing Home the Gold!

By , July 7, 2015

Nobody likes a braggart. I get that for sure.  Here at Centrify, we especially tend towards the humbler side of things.  It’s just part of the culture, and it’s part of the reason the team works well together.  There aren’t a ton of egos in the office — everyone works for what’s best for our customers. But on the flip side, too much modesty can be bad as well.  Everyone knows someone who just can’t take a compliment.  Maybe they’re shy, or just a bit awkward.  It’s not a particularly great trait in a person, and it’s certainly not the…

From the Cloud

Office 365, Perficient and Centrify: Millions of Users Can’t Be Wrong

By , June 22, 2015

“…We’ve moved 2.2 million users to the cloud with Office 365.” I’ve done a lot of webcasts, and had a lot of co-presenters, but I don’t think I can remember one that started with a line that was quite as perfect as that one. That was Joe at Perficient talking.  And with that simple sentence, he had everyone’s complete attention.  He did a great job of speaking for those 2.2 million folks, too.  He spent the first part of our discussion laying out the challenges that he’s seen many customers face as they stare down the barrel of migration from…

Centrify Perspective

Happy World Password Day! Let’s Make this the Last One Ever

By , May 7, 2015

We used to celebrate world password day to remind us to update our passwords, to better protect our identities. An admirable goal to be sure, brought to us by our friends at Intel. Reminds me of some other admirable holidays brought to us by corporations (I’m looking at you Hallmark!). Like other holidays we are likely to feel guilty about forgetting, maybe every day should be password day. And Valentine’s Day. And Mother’s Day. And Father’s Day. And… Arbor Day? Seriously though, every day we need to remember that all that stands between us, and headline-level breaches are passwords. With…

Centrify Perspective

Password Managers Under Attack: What’s the Business Impact?

By , December 9, 2014

It was only a matter of time before the headlines changed. We’ve been reading “Megacorp Hacked – Millions of Passwords Stolen” for years – and savvy consumers have taken notice. Those folks have moved away from reusing a single username and password across multiple applications and have started using password managers to store unique passwords for each site and app they use, locked up with a single master password. What does this mean for SMBs? It means the bad guys know that our passwords are the route to our money. It means businesses should be keenly aware of the risks associated with…

Centrify Perspective

Provisioning and the Termination Nightmare

By , November 12, 2014

Back in my IT days, I was – among various responsibilities – tasked with managing user access from the time they were hired to the time they moved on (or were fired.) As I will discuss, this was often the most stressful part of my day-to-day. Now with the explosion of mobile users and SaaS applications such as Google Apps, Office 365 and hundreds of other apps, managing access has become even more error-prone and stressful. But they don’t have to be.