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Corey oversees the strategic vision, tactical roadmap and companywide go-to-market plan for Centrify products. Corey is a veteran technology consultant and marketer, with more than 15 years' enterprise software company experience.

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Centrify’s new spinout, Idaptive, named Overall Leader in KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Cloud-based MFA Solutions

By , October 23, 2018

Wow! Right out of the gate and the brand new spinout of Centrify Application and Endpoint Services as Idaptive is named as an Overall Leader in the recent KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Cloud-based MFA Solutions report. Most organizations today are wrestling with how to better authenticate users. Passwords are not enough and MFA has risen as a secure option for most enterprises. According to the report: “Cloud-based MFA is the process of using a SaaS solution to gather additional attributes about users and their environments and evaluate the attributes in the context of risk-based policies. The goal of Cloud MFA…

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Centrify Scores Highest for Both “Workforce Users Accessing SaaS” and “Business-to-Business” in New Gartner Report

By , September 12, 2018

Gartner just released their first ever “Critical Capabilities for Access Management, Worldwide, 2018” report, and we are proud to see that Centrify has scored the highest of any vendor in 2 out of 3 Use Cases including “Workforce Users Accessing SaaS” (3.78 out of 5.0) and “Business-to-Business” (3.52 out of 5.0). Gartner evaluated 15 vendors’ services on nine critical capabilities including Event Logging and Reporting, SaaS Application Enablement, User Authentication Methods, and Authorization and Adaptive Access and three common Use Cases: Workforce Users Accessing SaaS, Business-to-Business, and Business-to-Consumer. We believe this validates our unique ability to secure access to apps…

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Adopt Next-Gen Access to Power Your Zero Trust Strategy

By , July 23, 2018

Security breaches are now all too commonplace — 58% of organizations have experienced at least one in the past 12 months. As a result, IT security leaders are urgently scrambling to defend attacks at every entry point. Worse yet, traditional approaches to security, based on the notion that you can keep out the “bad guys” out while letting in the good guys, have proven ineffective.  Access control strategies that focus on separating trusted from untrusted users are missing the whole point. Mobile proliferation, reliance on outsourced partners and cloud technologies, and the regular occurrence of insider attacks mean that there…

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Centrify Named a Visionary in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide

By , June 20, 2018

Download the 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Access Management Centrify has been named a Visionary by Gartner, Inc. in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Access Management, Worldwide. According to Gartner, “visionaries are noted for their innovative approach to access management technology, methodology and/or means of delivery.” We believe being recognized as a visionary in access management is a testament to the progress Centrify has made in delivering an innovative and class-leading solution while validating Centrify’s position as a top vendor in the access management market. Centrify’s innovative approach to access management is rooted in our Zero Trust Security approach and…

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451 Research: Centrify Goes “All In” on the Zero Trust Movement

By , June 8, 2018

451 Research recently published an impact report recognizing Centrify as one of the early vendors to embrace the Zero Trust concept, which is a new conceptual framework on the rise as traditional security models that follow a hardened perimeter approach have failed. The author, 451 analyst Garrett Bekker, notes these failures and states that “the very concept of trust is called into question, in favor of assuming all users and assets are by definition untrusted” and that “the notion of trust is no longer based on where you are, but more on who you are, and what you are allowed…

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Trends to look for next week at RSA Conference 2018

By , April 12, 2018

Next week (April 16-19) is the 2018 RSA Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and there’s good news: it’s not too late to register for a complimentary Exhibit Hall Only Pass using the Centrify entry code X8ECENTR. You’ll get free admission to the Exhibit Hall, Wednesday through Friday keynotes, select sessions throughout the week, and several other events you can learn about here. If you’re on the fence about whether or not to attend, here’s a preview of the topics we expect to generate the most RSA buzz. If any of these interest you, register, and be sure…

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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Centrify for IDaaS and PIM Leadership

By , March 7, 2018

Today Frost & Sullivan, a leading analyst firm and growth partnership company, announced that Centrify has earned the North American Product Leadership Award for its Next-Gen Access Solution for Zero Trust Security. The report specifically noted Centrify’s success as a security company comes by challenging traditional approaches to security and using a unique philosophy to address the problem. Centrify helps its customers identify and follow a set of best practices that are grounded in Zero Trust Security—through verifying all users, validating their devices, and limiting access and privilege—to reduce risks related to breaches. The author of the report, Sankara Narayanan,…

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C-Suite Disconnect is Weakening Cybersecurity

By , February 21, 2018

Today, Centrify announced a new research study conducted with Dow Jones Customer Intelligence titled, “CEO Disconnect is Weakening Cybersecurity.” The report sheds light on what’s going on inside the enterprise that’s enabling significant increases in the number of successful, high-profile breaches. At Centrify, we see Zero Trust Security as the most promising cybersecurity model to emerge in decades, and as the solution to the majority of these breaches. We’ve designed our solutions to help organizations adopt a Zero Trust Security model through a single platform consisting of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), multi-factor authentication (MFA), enterprise mobility management (EMM) and privileged access management…

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Five Best Practices for Zero Trust Security

By , February 14, 2018

The Centrify Zero Trust Security model is effective because it allows organizations to remove trust from the equation entirely. Based on the assumption that untrusted actors already exist inside and outside the network, Zero Trust leverages powerful identity services to secure every user’s access to apps and infrastructure. Only after identity is authenticated and the integrity of the device is proven can access to resources be granted–but even then with just enough privilege to perform the task at hand. Here are five best practices for achieving Zero Trust security: Always Verify the User with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) The days of…

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How the Uber Data Breach Could Have Been Prevented

By , November 21, 2017

Background on the Uber Breach History is replete with examples of individuals and organizations turning manageable problems into serious crises simply by trying to hide the truth. While the Uber data breach was large in terms of the 57M customer and driver records lost, if Uber had followed standard breach protocol by notifying authorities and impacted users, remediated the problem and laid out steps that they were taking to avoid future breaches, the impact would have been much less. Uber was under a legal obligation to notify regulators and to the impacted users and drivers. Instead they took extreme measures…