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Corey oversees the strategic vision, tactical roadmap and companywide go-to-market plan for Centrify products. Corey is a veteran technology consultant and marketer, with more than 15 years' enterprise software company experience.

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Mirai Lingers, Passwords Fail as IoT Devices Proliferate

By , April 5, 2017

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about a laundromat in Carbondale, Colorado that was infected with the Mirai internet virus. Unbeknownst to the business owner, an internet-connected video recorder had been infected and was scanning the web for places to spread itself. The only sign that something was amiss was the fact that the device was regularly acting up — disconnecting the remote viewing app and forcing the owner to reconnect it by restarting the digital video recorder. While the story didn’t reveal any new developments, it does serve as an important reminder that malware…

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Researchers: Action Required to Protect Against IoT Threats

By , March 8, 2017

Recently, Pwnie Express researchers released their third annual report on the wired, wireless, Bluetooth, IoT and BYOD challenges facing IT security professionals. It’s not your typical study. These researchers combine a survey of hundreds of IT security pros with “on-the-ground” data captured from Pwnie Express sensors, distributed across a number of businesses. This mix of human perspective and real-world data offers a more accurate picture of what’s really going on out there. This year’s report had some interesting findings that I wanted to point out. If you have time to read the report — and I recommend it — you…

It's All About Identity

How to Stop the Breach in a Hybrid Enterprise

By , March 2, 2017

Has your enterprise experienced a data breach in the past two years? If so, it’s time for a wake-up call. In fact, 66% of organizations reported falling victim to a breach an average of five or more times during that time span. The security status quo is a slippery slope. Enterprise networks have expanded beyond the well-defined boundaries that used to protect our important assets from falling into the wrong hands and a new security reality has set in. Traditional security methods can’t protect your organization from breaches, and failure to recognize this new reality leaves your business at risk…

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Gmail Phishing Attack Reinforces that 2FA is the Cyber-Safety Belt We All Need

By , January 19, 2017

It is time to shift from a single password to multi-factor authentication A new phishing scam designed to steal login credentials from Gmail customers is making headlines this week. And once again, we are reminded of the danger of relying on passwords as the only means of securing access to systems, apps or data. The Gmail phishing attack has four key components: An email comes from someone you know who has already been victimized by this attack The subject is an actual one that the sender has previously used, along with an actual attachment that may have a familiar title…

Centrify Perspective

Solving DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Phase 2

By , January 12, 2017

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) established a $6B blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to improve the cyber defenses for federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments. The DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program helps protect government IT networks from cyberthreats and enhances risk-based decision making by providing a consistent and proven set of solutions. Centrify is the selected solution for CDM Phase 2 CRED that ensures all federal agency associates only have access to servers, applications or network resources based on their unique identity, role and responsibility within their organization. Centrify Server Suite offers a robust Active Directory bridge…

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Uh Oh, Yahoo Breach Hits 1 Billion User Accounts

By , December 15, 2016

Could this be the catalyst for change to end hacks? Compromised enterprises face huge barriers to rebuilding customer trust and brand reputation. And for Yahoo, this may be an insurmountable task. In September, Yahoo disclosed that the company lost access control for over 500 million accounts. Turns out the largest breach in history of 500M Yahoo accounts in 2014 is only half as much as the latest and largest hack ever discovered – 1B Yahoo accounts lost in 2013. Will this event finally be the catalyst for not only Yahoo but every other company that maintains customer accounts to force…

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Did a Lack of Common Sense Cybersecurity Just Elect Trump?

By , November 21, 2016

There is little debate that this election will be described as a referendum on the status quo, with very strong anti-establishment and anti-elitist sentiment driving record numbers of unexpected voters to the polls. But that doesn’t tell the complete story. Yes, the Hillary campaign brought the current administration out in force in the final weeks, thus cementing her image as an entrenched Washington insider. But I can’t help but think that this status quo image began to be shaped and hardened as a direct result of the leaked insider communications exposed on WikiLieaks and as a result of the hacked…

From the Cloud

SSO for Cloud-Based Apps a Key to Collaboration Success for Shiseido

By , November 9, 2016

At the end of last year, PC Magazine published an article about the five collaboration trends to expect in 2016. The article stated that, “Distributed teams have more ways than ever to communicate and collaborate in real time, and 2016 is set to bring another wave of innovation around cloud-based connectivity, cross-platform integration, and next-generation multimedia conferencing.” They were pretty accurate. Collaboration between employees and contractors — working from anywhere but the office – is more common every day. And, as the article predicted, “cloud-connected everything” (the #2 trend) and “seamless interoperability” (#4) are the name of the game. But building a truly collaborative…

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Podesta Twitter Hack: A(nother) Lesson on Two-Factor Authentication

By , October 13, 2016

In the midst of the WikiLeaks’ release of thousands of emails purportedly from his inbox, Hillary Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta has now become the victim of a hack into his Twitter account. CNN is reporting that Podesta’s account was hacked on Wednesday, September 12, and that, just as Clinton landed in Las Vegas, Podesta ostensibly tweeted, “I’ve switched teams. Vote Trump 2016. Hi pol.” While the specific details of the hack have yet to be discovered, a likely scenario is that Podesta’s Twitter account was protected solely by a username and password – without any form of two-factor authentication….

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Last Hurrah for Yahoo? 500 Million Accounts Compromised

By , September 22, 2016

I have personally been on Yahoo email since it was released in 1997 (almost 20 years!). I remember how cool it was to have an email address that would live independently from my school, work and ISP accounts. This was especially cool because I lived in Silicon Valley and all three of those emails tended to change every few years. I have been a loyal user of Yahoo mail even when seemingly better or more popular alternatives were available (Gmail, AOL,, Hotmail, etc.). Well, today is the day that I may finally consider making the move to another service. Turns out…