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David McNeely is VP of Product Strategy at Centrify Corporation.

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Centrify for Mac 2014.1 Integrates Cloud-based Management and Expands Smart Card Services

By , September 23, 2014

We are happy to introduce Centrify for Mac 2014.1, which builds upon our best-in-class Active Directory integration to provide users with Single Sign-on (SSO) to our catalog of more than 3000 web and SaaS Apps through integration with the Centrify Cloud Service. The integration with the Centrify Cloud Service also provides IT admins with remote management of Macs as well as the user’s mobile devices. This release also provides expanded support for Smart Cards with integrations into other popular applications such as Firefox, Thunderbird and the DoD Encryption Wizard. We built Centrify for Mac to empower Corporate IT to manage Macs…

Mobile Frontier

Solving account lockout by eliminating use of passwords by using PKI certificates

By , June 30, 2014

Have you ever been forced to change your password on your laptop only to find that you got your AD account locked about an hour later? If your company is like mine, we require our login passwords to be changed every 90 days, and what a pain that is just because we don’t allow reusing passwords, they have to be complex with mixed case and both alpha and numeric characters and at least 8 characters long, yes it could be more complex

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Is Mobile Device Management on the verge of death?

By , June 25, 2014

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions are a popular way for IT organizations to secure the smart phones and tablets that their employees bring to work and want to use to access business applications and data. However the traditional MDM solution may not survive given the growing concern over user privacy as well as the coarse grained and sometimes inadequate controls they have over the device. At the same time, mobile device operating systems are evolving to provide much better security to enable better privacy controls for the user and to ensure that data stored on the device is properly protected….

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Centrify for Mac 2014 – Continuous improvement in centralized management for Macs in Business

By , March 24, 2014

Centrify is 10 years old this month (You can read about our history and company milestones along the way I was thinking that it wasn’t that long ago when we first heard from customers who needed to integrate Macs into their business, which drove us to deliver our first Active Directory integration for the Mac running OS X 10.4 Tiger back in 2005 ( This was way before Macs were even using Intel processors. Remember the Power PC processor? Our first Mac customers were trying to find a way to support the few executives who brought in Macs and wanted…