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Derek Morwood is regional sales manager for Australia, New Zealand and India, responsible for recruiting and managing Centrify’s channel partners throughout the region. With more than 25 years experience in technology sales, Derek has a detailed knowledge of business development, channel management and sales through roles at companies in the enterprise security and networking sectors.

It's All About Identity

Get Real: Why Identity Management is Too Important to Trust to a Generalist

By , May 6, 2015

In a world where the perimeter is disappearing, Derek Morwood explains how Centrify’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) technology can protect infrastructure when over-dependence on password protection is failing.

It's All About Identity

Power to the People: Employees are Your First Line of Defense

By , March 24, 2015

As organizations globally struggle to respond to the failure of password-based perimeter protection, Centrify solves today’s security problems with a single platform spanning cloud, mobile and data center that empowers people by putting privileged identity at the heart of corporate security.

It's All About Identity

Ditch Your Passwords Once and For All

By , January 28, 2015

It’s time to ditch passwords. The core problem with passwords is that they have passed their use-by date. Like the swords, spears and shields of yore, we can finally retire the password to the dustbin of history because there is a better way.

It's All About Identity

Simple but Strong: Why IdM (done right) is a No-Brainer

By , September 23, 2014

Centrify regional sales manager Derek Morwood explains that the 4Chan nude celebrity photo hack is the latest evidence that we need to move past passwords. The nub of the problem with password-based protection is that a memorable password means it is also more easily hackable. Derek says we can get rid of most passwords by using Identity Management (IdM) services such as Centrify’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. The great news is that Centrify and its partner Samsung are now democratizing IdM so it is both accessible and affordable for virtually anyone who goes online.