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Stay Secure with Day-One Support for iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

By , September 19, 2018

It’s that time of year again: time for all the latest and greatest from our friends in Apple Park (or the Apple Spaceship as locals call it). This week, Apple released iOS 12 and next week Apple will release the latest update for macOS, 10.14 Mojave. We here at Centrify are excited for the new capabilities, the new look of iOS 12, and the new features and improvements with macOS Mojave. To that point, we have made sure that our customers are able to move forward with day-one Centrify support for both offerings. Our day-one support is effective across Centrify’s…

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Sync Your Jaws Into Mac Keychain

By , May 24, 2018

“Well this is not a boat accident! It wasn’t any propeller! It wasn’t any coral reef! And it wasn’t Jack the Ripper! It was Keychain.” Just uttering the dreaded word Keychain can cause a Mac user or Admin to break out in a cold sweat. We’ve all seen the pop ups. <Cue the ominous music> Apple first introduced the Keychain in Mac OS 8.6 as a means of providing a secure location for applications to store passwords to ensure users aren’t constantly being pestered for passwords every time they launch mail or connect to a network server. Apple created the…