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Erik Dove is a Systems Engineer that concentrates his time on the Centrify Identity Service. He joined Centrify in 2014. Erik has a strong background in networking, using his experience in the security space to leverage tools and methodologies of the field, for web application security. Authentication and authorization are key components of Erik's daily conversations with customers in order to allow access to the internet of things in the Centrify platform.

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Multi-Factor Authentication – Going for Olympic Gold

By , August 18, 2016

At a very basic level, we are all searching for a gold medal at the end of each day, and what companies want for their employees is a defined method of authentication so that they can master their craft and take home gold. Let’s picture for a moment that your company is the city, Rio, in Brazil, and that you have given all of your partners connections to your network for the Olympics. Not only that, everyone that has flown in will be using your Wifi for the three weeks the games are happening. AHH!!! That thought scares me, since there will be many people on your “front porch.”…