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Greg Cranley is Vice President Federal & Public Sector Sales. A 30 year IT veteran that has specialized in the issues of security and compliance for the public sector market for the last 15 years. An active presenter and blogger on cybersecurity and access management, he focuses on how public sector organizations can best deal with the multitude of federal cyber security compliance requirements while conceptualizing strategies against multi-pronged attacks.

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Plan to Secure Your Big Data Implementation and Meet Federal Compliance Mandates

By , May 21, 2015

For years Centrify has been deployed to help secure access to Hadoop clusters, and my team has helped to configure and deploy Centrify and Kerberos within many of them. Initially our involvement often started as clusters moved from pilot to production. Our sense is that someone in IT asked the questions: “How are we going to secure access?” “How are we going to provision and de-provision?” “How does this fit within our security mandates?” Centrify is called in to address these concerns. In most cases it would have been better if we’d been involved earlier, so as to better understand implementation…