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Sigler is a Manager of the Technical Support Team responsible for Centrify's Server Suite and Privilege Service product lines. He has combined over 20 years in the IT Technology industry including roles from Enterprise Software support, leadership, and System Administration. Having established himself in technical support he is now focused on developing existing and future technology experts.

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PWN2OWN 2017 Outcome: Implement Multi-factor Authentication & Least Privilege

By , April 6, 2017

Zero Day Initiative, a security research program that offers rewards for successful hacks, reported that on last day of their recent “PWN2OWN 2017” competition, a team of contestants pulled off an unique and challenging feat: they compromised a virtual machine and managed to “escape” to the host system running the virtualization software.  The hack involved three distinct and challenging tasks: Compromising Microsoft’s Edge Browser Compromising the Guest Operating System (running Windows 10) Compromising the VMware Workstation virtualization software And this was all accomplished through a controlled website. Although this may not be the first time each individual layer was compromised, this…