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Jason is a Senior Manager, Technical Product Marketing at Centrify. He is responsible for advocating the Centrify Identity Platform as a solution to prevent the leading cause of attacks to an organization – compromised credentials. Prior to Centrify, Jason was a consultant at Ernst and Young, LLP and BDO USA, LLP, where he advised SMB to Fortune 50 Companies in the areas of cybersecurity; security and privacy; regulatory, audit and compliance; and system implementations.

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Zero-Trust Model: Never Trust, Always Verify

By , November 14, 2017

“Never trust, always verify” is the lingo floating around in the security world. It succeeds the traditional belief of “trust, but verify,” which places a fair amount of trust in the people and devices accessing resources within a protected network. Surely, with massive data breaches happening regularly, we know that network perimeters are not as robust as we once thought. Attackers use weak or stolen credentials to gain access a network as a legitimate user. When an attacker has breached the network perimeter, we also know they are able to move laterally to more valuable assets and data that are…