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Lance is a Senior Technical Sales Engineer and has been working with Centrify since 2004, focused on security, identity management, Macintosh Product Management and has over 27 years of industry experience.

From the Cloud

IT Support, Can I Help You? Supporting the Shadow IT

By , August 13, 2015

I was talking with a customer the other day and we were discussing the growing problem of “Shadow IT,” where departments sign up for their own cloud services and operate their own IT services. He said at his company, they were actually getting employee support calls for cloud services that IT didn’t know about. I can imagine the support call went like this: IT Support: “IT support, can I help you?” Ben: “Hi this is Ben in sales, I’m having trouble logging on to the MonkeyBrains Collaborative web site with my username and password. Can you fix it for me?” IT Support: “I’m sorry Ben,…

Mobile Frontier

Ben Left His Mac on the Airport Bus

By , July 27, 2015

Ben is a sales guy. He works for a Centrify customer. Ben’s very good at his job, which means he’s focused on sales. It also means he’s not focused on details like where he parks his rental car, or his hotel room number, or where he leaves his computer. Ben recently was on his way home from a great sales call in another city. He finished up with the customer, was very happy about the progress. While on the airport shuttle bus, he jumps on a conference call. He stays on the conference call the whole time he’s on the shuttle bus. He…

It's All About Identity

Do You Have a Secret Spreadsheet of Passwords?

By , May 26, 2015

I was talking to a Centrify customer the other day. They are happily deployed with our Server Suite solution. “So what new products do you have at Centrify?” He asked. “We have our new Centrify Privilege Service. It allows you to securely share privileged account passwords in your enterprise. It functions as a vault for your passwords. I asked him: “What are you using now for that?” I could hear the phone rustle, it sounded like he was putting his head under his desk with the handset to his ear. “A spreadsheet,” he whispered. “HA! I knew it,” I told…