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Lee Godby is Manager of Business Development responsible for building and driving strategic partnerships and relationships within Centrify’s Identity Service. His background is in sales and business development within the technology space. Lee served with distinction as a US Army Artillery Officer for over a decade.

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3 Ways to Ensure You Are Not the Next Company Breached

By , December 20, 2016

There is a superstition that bad things happen in “threes.” This month, we mourned the loss of three national icons — Astronaut, John Glenn, Actor, Alan Thicke and TNT Sideline Reporter, Craig Sager. Similarly, this week, I received an email from Yahoo! announcing they had been breached again — affecting over 1B users — including me. On Friday, I received another notification from Bleacher Report, informing me that their users had been compromised. Do you see where this is going?… STOP! Is this Superstition True? The short answer is No. Are superstitions true? Most rational people would agree that they…

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Cyberthreats to SAP Require a Next-Generation Identity Platform

By , December 8, 2016

With over 320,000 customers worldwide, SAP is one of the most critical business applications in the market. Because of the information that it contains, it is also one of the most targeted applications and systems for cyberthreats. Over the past few years, the SAP landscape has expanded beyond legacy ERP systems into technologies such as cloud, mobile, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), while at the same time broadening the attack surface for SAP applications. According to a Ponemon Institute survey released earlier this year: Two of three SAP platforms were likely breached between 2014 and 2015. 75%…

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Veterans Day: My Transition from Artillery Officer to Identity Management Professional

By , November 11, 2016

As an Artillery Officer in the United States Army, I am tasked with the challenge of understanding the enemy, their assets and capabilities, and from what vectors they can and will attack. Based on this knowledge and understanding, it is my responsibility to recommend to the commander on the ground: Where he should place his indirect fire assets (howitzers and mortars). Where he should place his observation platforms (forward observers, radars, and UAVs). What additional enablers (Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing Aircraft) he should request from higher headquarters to ensure his units are properly defended and conditions are set for…

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The True Unified Identity Platform for CASB Solutions

By , November 2, 2015

If you’re an avid NBA basketball fan like myself, you might consider Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen to be the greatest duo to play the game, others may consider it to be Shaq and Kobe. For non-basketball fans, perhaps you believe it to be Batman and Robin or Han Solo and “The Wookie” Chewbacca. In their own rights, each are dynamic duos because one compliments the other and represented NBA domination, good triumphing evil, or The Republic emerging victorious over the The Galactic Empire. Today, Centrify is announcing partnerships with five market leading CASBs (Cloud Access Security Brokers) – CloudLock,…