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Louise Popyk is a Sr. Systems Engineer with Centrify. She has covered products in the Privileged Access Security space and Information Security in general for over 15 years. Preceding her career with leading software security vendors, she worked in Information Security for global corporations as the security of Web Sites, Internet Access, Remote Access, etc for privileged and end users was in it’s initial stages.

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How Centrify Solutions Address Security Recommendations from the M-Trends from Mandiant

By , April 14, 2016

IT security teams are struggling to prevent data breaches in cloud, mobile and data center environments and compromised user identity is the leading cause of data breaches. Traditional perimeter-defenses do not address users with too many passwords, too much access and too much privilege. Centrify helps customers solve these problems by minimizing the attack surface. This post will discuss how Centrify addresses the recommendations found on page 12 of the M-Trends 2015 report and in many cases provides further capabilities.  The below chart shows the mappings between our solutions and the Mandiant (a FireEye company) recommendations, followed by an explanation of…