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Matt Hur is Senior Director of Product Management for Centrify Corporation where he leads the server products business. He has held senior product management and technical positions at Cisco, Microsoft, and other public and private companies where he was responsible for growth and innovation in network, software, and online services products and technologies.

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Another Breach! Security Controls Shouldn’t be that Hard!

By , December 29, 2014

I just read an interesting article in NetworkWorld about a breach at a major financial institution. The article pointed out that breach resulted from a lack of deploying adequate security controls on the corporate servers. The article goes on to state, “Strong access management policies and network segmentation are key to limiting the extent of damage that attackers can do once they gain a foothold inside a network. However … implementing uniform security controls across their vast networks can be difficult because they often have to integrate large numbers of new systems with different levels of security as a result of acquiring other companies.”

It's All About Identity

Identity Management for Mainframe-Powered Linux (zLinux – Linux on IBM System z Machines)

By , December 22, 2014

Although many in the industry (perhaps our younger colleagues) look at mainframes like remnants of a bygone era of computing, it is interesting to note that mainframes are still powering key applications and processes that make businesses run. There is no doubt that sometimes “big iron” is needed to provide efficient compute power delivery and consolidation of resources.

It's All About Identity

Identity, Privilege and Compliance on Red Hat Systems

By , November 17, 2014

Centrify got our start in the security and identity business many years ago by starting in the datacenter and focusing on the problems of too many identity silos, disparate privilege management policies, and difficulty in tracing activity back to individuals. We saw back then that identity would be a key element of an IT strategy as system environments continue to get more diverse and deployed in more dynamic ways.

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What’s the difference between a “privileged user” and a “privileged account”?

By , July 7, 2014

In a previous blog post, I asked the question:  “What Does ‘Privileged Identity Management’ Mean When Everyone is a Privileged User?”  Today, I’d like to explore a related topic:  If everyone is, to some degree, a privileged user, how does that change the way we think of managing privilege in the enterprise? Historically, people have equated “privileged users” with “administrators” of systems or applications because these are the people who have the rights to do things that could potentially have serious consequences.  On a Linux system, the “superuser” (usually the “root” account) has unfettered ability to do absolutely anything on…

It's All About Identity

What Does “Privileged Identity Management” Mean When Everyone is a Privileged User?

By , April 21, 2014

I got to thinking the other day about the terms “privileged identity management,” “privileged account management,” and “privileged access management”. These are all terms that the industry uses pretty interchangeably, but have the meanings changed over the years? Do they need to? Here’s why I ask the question: We used to define privileged users, as administrators of a system or application – people who could cause big problems if they made a serious mistake or did something malicious. We created ways to restrict what administrators could do, and we started by controlling specific administrative accounts – the ones that represent…