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About Centrify and PIV Certificate Problem

By , February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day! We received a report about a login problem on a military web site, using a Dual Persona card and Centrify product.  In the interests of simplicity, I’m going to break this blog into several separate sections beginning with the customers’ environment. The Customer’s Environment User has a Dual Persona card (also known as CACNG or Dual-Identity) User wants to log in to a web site that is protected by PIV Authorization certificate, e.g., User has installed either Centrify Express for Smart Card, or Centrify for Mac. Steps to Reproduce Install Centrify Express for Smart Card or Centrify…

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Introducing Mac Cloud Service

By , August 30, 2013

Today, we are excited to launch Industry’s First Unified Identity Solution for Security and Management of Mac Users and their Mobile Devices. In addition to our on-premise Mac Centrify Direct Control offering, it is now possible to enroll Mac’s to Centrify Cloud Service, and control them from anywhere.

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What Is SystemCACertificates.keychain and How To Use It

By , July 23, 2013

Did you know that you can make your Macintosh trust most DoD Military CAC Cards easily? Many Government Employees, Uniform Military Personnel and Federal Contractors are probably completely unaware of this neat little Macintosh feature that instantly does away with the headaches and frustrations that often come when provisioning a Macintosh for CAC card access.

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Using CAC and Smart Card Reader on Mac OS X

By , June 26, 2013

If you have Common Access Card (CAC), and a smart card reader, you can start using them on Mac OS X.  Smart Card Applications  By installing Centrify Express for Smart Card, you can start using smart card with applications, such as Safari browser, or Outlook.  This allows you to enter a CAC protected web site, sign and encrypt e-mail.  You can also use in-house or third party applications that access smart card through Tokend interface, as Express for Smart Card provides Tokend (smart card drivers) for CAC, PIV and CACNG cards.  You can download Express for Smart Card here:…

It's All About Identity

Centrify Suite 2013.2 Release – Security Enhancement to Mac and Red Hat Smart Card

By , June 25, 2013

We are excited about the upcoming release of Centrify Suite 2013.2. In particular, I would like to discuss DirectControl for Mac, and smart card support in DirectControl for Red Hat. Our team’s focus in this release is to enhance the security of end points (Mac and Red Hat Enterprise Linux) further with Centrify DirectControl (CDC). As my colleague Brian says, without further ado …

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Explaining U.S. Government Smart Cards

By , May 27, 2013

Over the last two years, Centrify has continually expanded its smart card support for both Red Hat and Macintosh.  Our on-premise solutions support the reading and authentication with many well known existing and new US Military and Civilian smart cards.  This article helps explain those smart card characteristics and our on-going commitment to to the smart card community. CACNG / Dual Identity / Dual Persona This card is called by many different names, from Dual-Persona [1], CACNG, and Dual-Identity. The card supports an on-going Government strategy to have both a Military (CAC) identity and Civilian (PIV) identity for one person….

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The Centrify Way

By , May 14, 2013

Every new software developer who works at Centrify attends a one-hour session with a man named Leo. Leo, Lead Escalation Engineer, a tall man with a big, booming voice, with bigger personality, would tell the new hires. “You do your jobs – develop new products and features.