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Ron Allmand currently serves as the Team Lead for Centrify's Global Professional Services organization. Over the years he has enjoyed success as a USN Veteran, Founder and Business Owner, Network Administrator, Systems Engineer, Technical Architect, Infrastructure Management and occasional opportunities as a Public Speaker on a variety of subjects ranging from technical subject matter to life humor.

It's All About Identity

Death to Passwords! They Don’t Work, So What’s Next?

By , September 3, 2014

We’ve all seen the Hollywood movies. Retinal eye scanners that open secret passageways. Facial recognition systems and handprint scanners to verify that the good guys are who they say they are. In truth, corporate security in the real world is much more mundane. The most common model requires employees to enter a six or eight character password to access a secure environment. For many years, that model was good enough, even though many man hours were spent resetting or unlocking accounts when the password just couldn’t be remembered. Today, the model is broken because passwords, as they exist, have outlived…

It's All About Identity

Managing a Centralized Identity Infrastructure Equates to Saving Unheard of Time and Money

By , May 20, 2014

How many languages do you speak? If you were raised in the United States, the answer is probably no more than one. This isn’t exactly the forum for learning a new language, however, it could certainly be a place where you learn about a new word! After-all; long before a technology word becomes a “buzz-word” it simply starts out as a mere word! This new word deals with startling facts about issues that really need to be resolved. Back in 2007 Microsoft funded a study that was recently referenced in PC Magazine.