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Ronan Fagan is a senior Sales Engineer in the North East, responsible for leading Centrify software evaluations and providing technical account management to customers. He has Over 16 years of experience in providing solutions for Enterprise customers across the US and Internationally.

From the Cloud

Centrify Helps Companies Comply with Labor Laws

By , April 13, 2015

Recently I was talking with a co-worker and he shared a use case from a large insurance company in Brazil. They wanted to ensure that they are in compliance with Brazilian labor laws as it pertains to the number of hours worked by employees in Brazil. The Federal Constitution states that working hours in Brazil should not exceed 44 hours a week and preferably, no more than 8 hours a day. Based on this scenario, the employee would have to work an additional 4 hours on Saturday. Or, as a workaround that many companies have implemented, have employees work an…

It's All About Identity

IT Self Service: Secure Password Reset and Beyond

By , April 10, 2015

As a Sales Engineer at Centrify, my job is to meet with customers and prospects everyday and learn about their Identity challenges. I’ve noticed a recurring theme lately – many customers telling me about their pains with password resets. Now this is not a new problem. It’s been widely known for a long time now that password resets are responsible for over 40% of support calls. IT self-service empowers users to take control of issues like password resets. But traditional automated password reset implementations have had limited success because of poor end user acceptance and poor policy and process. The…

It's All About Identity

Tackling End-user Application Adoption

By , March 31, 2015

The term ‘user adoption’ is or should be a familiar one. In the software world it’s the art of getting application users and administrators to mentally embrace and accept a new way of doing things. But it can be a tricky thing to master. There are two primary methods existing on how this new system is introduced to the end-users — fire hose approach and a phased rollout. Regardless of the method you choose, the adoption rates should be measured. If you are not measuring user adoption then you cannot ever be sure your implementation was successful. Make sure that…

Centrify Perspective

Best Practices for Single Sign-on with Office 365

By , February 11, 2015

Many people are moving to an Office 365 environment to simplify control and maintenance of some of their core systems. These benefits can include the following: Overtime reduced for technical staff’s support for email systems. Reduction in on-premises storage requirements. Reduction in on-premises hardware requirements. Improved availability of service and redundancy (99.9% up SLA). Less concern for individual mailbox storage requirements. The ability to have a hybrid exchange model for hosting mailboxes locally, for situations where the hosted solution may not work. Single Sign-on (SSO) federated to your on premises Active Directory (AD). And last but not least, automated provisioning…

It's All About Identity

Creating a Custom WS-FED Application

By , February 5, 2015

In this blog post I’d like to show you how to create a custom WS-Fed application on the Centrify User Portal. This may be an existing internal app or a 3rd party hosted application. As you probably know by now Centrify provides about 3,000 application profiles out of the box, but there are those cases when you might have an internally developed app or a lessor know 3rd party app that supports WS-Fed and you would like to provide it with single sign-on . I’ve included a primer on how SSO works with WS-Fed as well as detailed instructions on…

From the Cloud

Protecting Shared Social Media Accounts

By , February 3, 2015

Recently I was asked by a large bank to help them solve a problem with meeting the burden of the FEEIC regulations as it pertains to social media. Essentially the regulation covers communications about the bank’s financial products by the bank. The bank wanted to make sure that an employee could not make any social media posts after they have transitioned from the bank and that all accesses of the application were audited. The CTO told us that the bank is going to embark on a new social media strategy using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snapchat, Pintrest and Instagram. And these…