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Danielle Livy is a contributor from Samanage, where she is Corporate Communications Manager. Samanage offers a SaaS Enterprise Service Management platform that helps make work life better by streamlining business service requests and delivery processes across any organization. The combination of Samanage's IT Service Desk and integrated IT Asset Management software with Centrify's secure and user simplified access management enables customers to experience the best of cloud computing.

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Empower Employees Through Automation

By , April 13, 2016

With a knowledge base and a self-service portal in place, you’re probably enjoying the fact that when someone in your organization needs help with a problem that they can solve on their own. It’s great to have options that will only make your business stronger — if you know how to properly utilize them. Yes, you can utilize the knowledge within your organization! Encyclopedias aren’t just made to look pretty on a shelf, their purpose is to use history to inform future decisions and help people draw conclusions that will make the world a better place. Okay, so that’s a…

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How Single Sign-On (SSO) Empowers the Enterprise

By , March 9, 2016

Password managers are popping up across enterprises. And, many have a full electronic rolodex of passwords and usernames for all applications ranging from Amazon Prime account to a TurboTax login. While juggling authentication in one’s personal life might not be an issue, doing so professionally is cumbersome, and ultimately undermines productivity. The modern organization has an app for everything. It’s how we manage projects and delegate tasks, how we see the history of a sales interaction in a lead’s contact information, and even how we contact one another in the office. Technology has made it much easier for us to…