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Satish is a Senior Product Manager at Centrify and his responsibilities include enabling Centrify for all Big Data Customers.

It's All About Identity

Announcing Centrify’s New Analytics Service

By , February 14, 2017

After about two years of incredible hard work from the Centrify team, I am excited to announce the Centrify Analytics Service! Our goal for Centrify Analytics Service is to extend the Centrify Identity Services Platform to provide risk-based access management across apps and infrastructure. We all by now agree that IT and security teams in any enterprise are challenged with the risk of being breached in an enterprise that spans across cloud, mobile and data center. Traditional perimeter-based security is not good enough anymore, and the industry supports this claim: PwC in Information Security Breaches Survey 2016 titled, “A matter of when,…

Centrify Perspective

Five Key Takeaways from AWS re:Invent 2016

By , February 2, 2017

I had the honor of attending the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent 2016 and wanted to highlight some of my key takeaways from the conference. Since Centrify was a sponsor, I was able to talk with many folks with an interest in learning more about Centrify’s announcement, “Centrify Delivers Innovative Capabilities and Best Practices to Streamline and Secure Adoption of Hybrid Cloud.” 1. AWS is Innovative as a Large Company A good proxy for innovation is the number of features and products a company releases. AWS currently has tens of thousands of employees, and AWS announced 24 new products at the AWS Re-Invent show….

Hot Topics

Integrating Centrify Server Suite with SIEM Tools — Part 1

By , March 28, 2016

Are you an existing Centrify Server Suite (CSS) customer who wants to put Centrify events into your SIEM or BI tool? Do you want to learn about the Centrify events? If so, read on! Centrify Server Suite (CSS) is an agent based solution for unified identity management across Windows, Linux and UNIX systems. The CSS agent can track over 300 different types of events in real-time on 450+ flavors of Windows, Linux and UNIX machines. A few sample categories of the CSS events for example are: User activity events on Centrify tools Log in events on Windows, Linux & UNIX Privilege escalations events on Windows…

Partner Corner

Identity Management for Multi-Tiered Big Data Environments

By , January 7, 2016

Are you satisfied that your big data applications are protected against cyberthreats? Are you able to prove compliance across the big data stack? If not, read on! Big Data environments usually have clusters of nodes, and each node has, at the bottom layer, an operating system on which the big data and applications sit on. For example — imagine an IBM BigInsights customer using the Big SQL application, based on a Hortonworks cluster running on Linux operating system. It can be challenging to figure out how to properly secure each layer of this stack! To help understand this better, let’s…

Partner Corner

Securing Your Big Data Environments Built on Hadoop or NoSQL?

By , September 29, 2015

Do you know the percent of all Big Data projects that must meet some level of compliance? According to a recent SANS survey, over 80% have to today. The logical conclusion is that you already have sensitive data that you need to protect — it’s not a case of “if.” So, how are you protecting data from cyberthreats and proving compliance? Over the last few years, Centrify has worked with the leading vendors in Hadoop to deliver their customers’ enterprise-grade identity and access management (IAM). We’re the industry’s first privileged identity management (PIM) solution for Big Data and announced our partnership with…

Centrify Perspective

Simplify and Secure Hadoop with Centrify

By , June 17, 2015

Do you have to secure your company’s Hadoop cluster as it moves to production? Concerned about setting up and managing an MIT Kerberos implementation? We’ve been working with over 40 enterprises across six major verticals over the last few years to address their Big Data IAM challenges. This blog post describes some of the key challenges they’ve faced, and how we at Centrify have helped address them.  Active Directory Integration Often, Hadoop projects within an enterprise are piloted by business units and then moved to production once the use case is validated. And, one of the first decisions business units and…