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Scott Teipe has over 25 years of experience in the IT field with 15 years specializing in leading cybersecurity programs across various organizations. Scott joined Gogo in 2013 to create and implement Gogo’s overall global Cybersecurity strategy. Scott holds numerous industry certifications and is an active member of many cybersecurity associations.

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Will “Security Fatigue” Inevitably Overwhelm Your Organization?

By , January 17, 2017

“Security fatigue” is a growing concept within cybersecurity circles: experts report that the sustained threat of malicious attacks is causing end users to feel defenseless and hopeless. There’s a growing frustration about online account security, as the mounting frequency and severity of attacks is creating a bunker mentality that is difficult to escape. In many cases, organizations and employees are taking the fatalistic attitude of hoping they’re not a high enough value target to attack, rather than acting definitively to bolster their defenses. What can you do to keep security fatigue from stunting your security posture? Here are three key…