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Shreyas Sadalgi is Senior Vice President of Business Development, and is responsible for Centrify's strategic technology partnerships to build new routes to market for Centrify's offerings through a rich ecosystem of datacenter, cloud and mobile vendors. He brings over 12 years of experience having served business development, product & marketing roles at enterprise security and networking companies.

Partner Corner

Blackberry Partners with Centrify for Derived Credential Support on Good Secure Mobility Platform

By , February 23, 2016

Live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Today, I am pleased to share that Blackberry has partnered with Centrify to provide an even greater level of security for highly regulated customers in the government and financial sectors that use Good Secure Mobility Platform. Together, Blackberry and Centrify are delivering a turnkey solution for using smart card-derived credentials for secure access to thousands of apps and servers on Good secured mobile devices. Blackberry wanted to open the door to full secure mobility for its public sector customers like state and federal governments, as well as security-conscious financial companies that rely on…

Partner Corner

Centrify Partners with ServiceNow to Deliver Increased Security and Fulfillment Automation of App and Server Access

By , February 1, 2016

Today I am really excited to share that our three new product integration certifications with ServiceNow have raised the bar for identity services automation! These are around automating user password resets, application access requests and server/system access requests. All these integrations have been made possible by Centrify’s cloud identity security offerings — Centrify Identity Service (CIS) and Centrify Privilege Service (CPS). So why am I excited? 1) Centrify is the first vendor to support identity service automation for both end-users and privileged users to increase security and significantly reduce workloads and save time for ServiceNow request fulfillment. This means IT…

From the Cloud

IoT, the “Illusion of Trust” — Moving Trust from the Network to Users and Devices

By , September 17, 2015

Our always on, always connected world has fundamentally changed how businesses operate. Communicating with customers and employees will never be the same again with cloud solutions bringing many benefits by making things easier for businesses, and it’s happening whether we like it or not. But many businesses are placing trust in the cloud like they did for internal networks, without proper consideration for the challenges and deeper issues at hand. The added convenience of cloud applications also comes with a potential downside, such as potential security threats and surrender of control. Many people are familiar with the acronym “IoT,” and…

Partner Corner

Accelerating Office 365 Deployment and Consumption

By , June 4, 2015

You’re an Office 365 systems integrator partner and just witnessed a customer purchase an enterprise volume license for Office 365. Congratulations!  Your customer is now ready to onboard users from their directory into O365 and enable anywhere secure BYOD access to O365 — and you think this will be as simple as ABC. It should be…but let’s face it — the part of onboarding that involves service provisioning and identity integration is seen as THE biggest challenge to adopt O365. We have heard this first hand from many O365 partners. No wonder the deployment of O365 licenses still stands below…

Partner Corner

Centrify + ServiceNow = Identity Meets Modern Enterprise Service Management

By , April 20, 2015

Today at Knowledge15 — ServiceNow’s annual user conference, we are excited to announce the certification and availability of Centrify for ServiceNow – a key integration between the Centrify Identity Service and the ServiceNow Automation Platform. Through this blog I will paint more color on how Centrify and ServiceNow have partnered to create a vision of orchestrated service management based on user identity – one that we call “Identity Services Automation.” Over the last few months, we have been in conversations with our customers who also run ServiceNow’s Automation Platform to manage their enterprise IT services. In speaking with our mutual customers,…

Mobile Frontier

MWC15: Enterprise Mobility Roundup

By , March 10, 2015

The team at Centrify was excited to be at Barcelona last week, which hosted the 10th annual Mobile World Congress (MWC) event. This year the weather was beautiful with a lot of sun, and that provided the perfect setting to pontificate about the future of the mobile industry. In this blog, I present a summary of the themes and my observations from the lens of enterprise mobility. “Business IoT” vs “Consumer IoT” This year the money in IoT is clearly in the industrial projects. IoT is being viewed as a great enabler to re-architect business processes and revenue models at several…

Partner Corner

Hortonworks + Centrify Partner to Secure and Speed Big Data Deployments

By , February 18, 2015

Over the past six months, more than 10 of Hortonworks customers have come to us to explain how they were looking to start using Centrify to secure their Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) environments. We took the time to understand and enable each of these customers’ use cases around secure and centralized identity management for HDP users and admins. With today’s big data solution announcement from Centrify, we have productized those use cases and lessons, and partnered with Hortonworks to certify the capabilities – allowing us to jointly take this solution to market. With this blog, I want to walk you through some…

Partner Corner

Getting Mobile Identity Right: Why Samsung Partnered with Centrify

By , November 5, 2014

You’ve heard us talking quite a bit about how Centrify transformed traditional application “single sign-on” (SSO) solutions for desktops to “Zero Sign On” for mobile apps and devices. You’ve also heard why the world’s number one mobile device manufacturer chose to partner with Centrify for delivering mobile identity management to their millions of users.

Partner Corner

Samsung Partners with Centrify to Democratize Mobile Management (EMM)

By , September 18, 2014

Over the last few months, there have been exciting market developments in the enterprise mobility space highlighting two macro trends: #1 The need for mobile device vendors to deliver more than just a device but also a packaged mobile device and app management solution that enables their devices readily for business use and adoption by enterprises (Cases in point:  Apple + IBM partnership and Blackberry “EZ Pass” EMM). #2 The rise of identity to be a clear driver and differentiator for enterprise mobility management vendors. With the convergence of cloud-based Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) and Enterprise Mobile Management (“EMM”)…

Partner Corner

Microsoft and Centrify Continue To Create Success with Office365 Deployments

By , July 24, 2014

Microsoft last week made some significant announcements at WPC 2014 around its Office365 product line that make it appealing to many more organizations. Over the last few months, Centrify has delivered several key enhancements to Centrify for Office365 – an IDaaS solution that has been adopted by many Office365 customers & partners, and is gaining rapid traction. Given its strong momentum with Office365 solutions and a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Centrify has been invited to participate and showcase its products today and Friday at MGX – Microsoft Global Exchange, the annual conference for Microsoft sales employees. Visit us at booth # 226 if…