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Steve Miller is Manager of Business Development responsible for building strategic alliance partnerships and initiatives. Prior to Centrify, Steve was an enterprise software technology and licensing consultant.

Partner Corner

Sometimes it’s Easy to Keep an Open Mind

By , November 9, 2015

Wednesday was a long day — in the good sense. I spent the day at Dropbox Open, Dropbox’s first user conference, representing Centrify as both a newly announced Premier Partner, and as a sponsor of the event. The day started around 8am, and ended… let’s just say it was a new day when I eventually left the party. I’ve finally recouped, and my mind is buzzing! As a sponsor, we had some insight into what the event was about, but as the first user conference, you never know exactly what to expect. The speaker list looked great, and didn’t disappoint!…

Partner Corner

Cloud Security Alliance Welcomes Newest Member

By , October 14, 2015

It’s been quite a busy year in the cloud computing world. It seems that every week, a relatively young cloud-focused company scores a funding round with a valuation above $1B (unicorns!), and every week we see a traditional enterprise-focused software vendor introduce a new cloud-based service. Each firm will provide different numbers, but the consensus is that spend on cloud computing services is growing significantly, and when compared to the rest of Enterprise IT spend, spend on cloud services is growing at a much faster clip. Diving a bit deeper, the mix of services is changing dramatically. Earlier this year,…