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Sumana is Director of Product Management at Centrify, where she is responsible for building and driving Centrify Identity Service Platform solutions into the developer community. Sumana’s background spans identity management, security, and mobile app development.

From the Cloud

The Rise of Google Apps for Work in the Enterprise

By , October 27, 2015

Google Apps for Work is quite a popular choice amongst the small businesses and younger companies that are born in the cloud. However, Google is pushing the envelope further to make its way into larger enterprises with their initiative “Google for Work.” Well, there’s good news — Centrify has the solutions to help with the adoption of Google Apps for Work in mid to large enterprises. Before we go any further, let’s take a look at Google Apps for Work adoption numbers published by Google: More than one million paying organizations are actively using Google Drive, including companies like The New York Times, Uber,…

From the Cloud

Chromebooks for Enterprises Secured with Centrify Single Sign-on

By , October 20, 2015

Enterprise customers are finding value in deploying Chromebooks, and it can be seen from the Gartner forecast on the Chromebook adoption worldwide (below). Some of the early adopters include Netflix, Starbucks and Sanmina — because of their security, simplicity and ability to integrate into existing technology and infrastructure. As more enterprises adopt these endpoints, one important consideration for IT is handling identity management for Chromebooks. One of the comments from Isabelle Durand, principal analyst at Gartner, stuck a chord with me: “By adopting Chromebooks and cloud computing, businesses can benefit; they can shift their focus from managing devices to managing something much more important —…

It's All About Identity

Simplify and Centrify Your Office 365

By , June 3, 2015

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says: “The core products of this company are Windows, Office 365, and Azure. From a business model, those are the three big things we are very focused on. We ask how our effort is accruing to those things.” Small, medium and large businesses have all started either migrating or are considering moving to Office 365, this is due to Microsoft investing heavily in Office 365 and also showing the benefits of migration from traditional on-premises Exchange and Sharepoint to cloud-based Office 365. At Centrify, we are immediately seeing the benefits of this, as the majority of our discussions with…

From the Cloud

App Gateway, Secure Remote Access and Single Sign-on to Internal Web Apps

By , March 19, 2015

Centrify Identity Service enables you to provide single sign-On (SSO) to both SaaS apps and on-premises apps that use a web interface. On-premises apps are unique in that they sit on the corporate network and are available only to users who are on the network physically, or who have VPN’ed into the network. From a user perspective, firing up a VPN session can be painful and time-consuming (or impossible if using a machine that doesn’t have the requisite VPN client). From an IT perspective, this can be painful in that the user’s device must be enabled with a VPN client. One of…

Mobile Frontier

Centrify Mobile Authentication (MAS) SDK Solution – How It Powers SSO to Native Applications!

By , August 5, 2014

In the previous blogs, we have covered the Enterprise Mobile App Challenges as well as What an ideal SSO solution should be across native mobile applications. Today, I will cover how Centrify Mobile Authentication Services (MAS) SDK powers single sign-on (SSO) across native applications on the iOS, Android and Samsung Knox. For starters, Centrify User Suite, SaaS Edition (Centrify SaaS Edition), uniquely integrates single sign-on for SaaS applications with user-centric mobile security management. With Centrify’s cloud-based service, you can quickly provide end-users with single sign-on to cloud-based apps through an easy-to-use web portal. When users enroll their devices in the Centrify Cloud…

Partner Corner

Centrify and Sencha Space – Secure Enterprise Mobility Made Simple!

By , July 1, 2014

BYOD is a fact of life. And that’s a VERY GOOD thing! BYOD makes teams more agile and employees more productive and happier too. A recent survey showed that 78% of employees access work-related files and applications from personal devices and 61% of respondents said they were happier in their jobs and more productive when they could use their self-chosen devices and cloud-based tools. Yet nearly 40% stated that restrictive IT policies affected their efficiency and ability to problem-solve. But balancing convenience with security is no easy task.

Mobile Frontier

Ideal solution for SSO across native mobile applications

By , June 3, 2014

SSO means ability to log into an application (SaaS or native mobile application) every time using one single/federated identity. This identity can either be your Social Identity i.e., Facebook/Twitter/Google or Enterprise Identity (often Active Directory ID). With this approach, end users are relieved of having to remember complex password for each app, or worse, use easily-remembered weak or common passwords. It also increases both user productivity and corporate application security.